13 Dec 15


In last Monday’s issue of the NYDN, an opinion piece (masquerading as “news”) written by a professing liberal Democrat, tried to make the case that one of the hapless San Bernardino massacre murder victims was a “bigot” and thus deserves no sympathy!

We know he was a “bigot,” because he was “NRA-loving,” “anti-Planned Parenthood,” “anti-Islam.” He even stooped so low as to actually like Ann Coulter.


No one who holds those opinions can be a good and decent person, at least in the pseudo-sanctimonious mind of the article’s author. I’m sure she would have no regard, nor sympathy, for me either.

“Bigot” is a label casually strewn about by liberals and invariably used to describe anyone who has the audacity to dispute the liberal “party line.” Professing liberals I know have attempted to paste that label on me!

What is lost in liberals’ unalterable “emotional reasoning” is this:

This is America, and “bigotry,” however you defined it, is NOT illegal! In America, you can like or dislike anyone you want, for whatever reasons you want, even for reasons that are, heaven forbid, incongruous with the liberal party line, and not, in so doing, be guilty of committing a crime. You can even say things, in public, with which liberals disagree, and not be thrown in prison! That irks liberals to no end, but it is still the case in America, at least for now!

On the other hand, murder, when committed for any reason, is still murder, and is, and should be, illegal!

Free thought and speech represent one of the beauties of our Republic. The fact that speech is not a crime, but actual crime is a crime, distinguishes us from so many of the world’s thug-ocracies.

It is a beauty that many liberals, blinded by vile hatred for the rest of us (as evidenced in the NYDN article), refuse to notice!

“I should be able to express moral views on social issues, especially those that have been the underpinning of Western civilization for 2,000 years, without being slandered, accused of ‘hate speech,’ and told by those who preach ‘tolerance’ that I need to either bend my beliefs to their standards, or be silent.”

Kirk Cameron