25 Mar 24
“The more you screw them, the better they like it”
Liberal axiom
“Apex” Predators:
On Saturday in northern CA, two young brothers were precipitously attacked by a mountain lion.
One brother, while injured, survived the attack.
The other brother didn’t!
Leftist politicians are busily “reintroducing” apex predators (wolves, mountain lions, even grizzly bears) into populated (with humans) areas.
They think it is “only fair”
Those same leftists (themselves always far-removed from the locales where their naively impractical policies critically endanger local farmers/ranchers, and their livelihoods) then pass laws absolutely protecting these same dangerous predators.
These apex predators cannot be hunted, trapped, nor even inconvenienced, no matter what they’re doing!
Once tightly controlled, populations of these “protected” apex predators are now predictably soaring, as they have no natural enemies, and local livestock (sometimes local humans, as we see) keep them well-fed.
Obvious danger they pose to local citizens is of no concern, of course, as liberal politicians who pass these laws all live in urban areas- and are continuously protected by heavily-armed, taxpayer-funded bodyguards.
Not surprisingly, liberal politicians display an identical attitude toward human “apex predators!”
They pass similar laws absolutely protecting violent felons from arrest, bail, prosecution, incarceration, even inconveniencing
Like wolves, mountain lions, grizzly bears, violent felons are a solemn “protected class,” and are promptly/repeatedly “reintroduced” into the general population!
When a violent felon, in the process of committing (yet another) violent felony, is exposed to righteous gunfire from police or armed citizens, liberals immediately feel a personal, painful pang of sorrow, and straightway go after the police and citizens involved (with bogus criminal charges), while simultaneously apologizing for “mistakes” made by their precious criminal.
Conversely, when a police officer, or innocent citizen, is brutally murdered by a multiple-times-arrested, sadistic felon, liberals apparently feel nothing, and once-again apologize on behalf of the perpetrator!
So, when it comes to apex predators (human or animal) on one side, and innocent citizens on the other, its not difficult to see which side liberals are always on, and always will be.
And, they then beg for our votes!