24 Mar 24
“Owning a gun is choosing to be an active participant in your own rescue”
Gideon Joubert (South African colleague)
Unarmed “Guards”
During the murderous ISIS attack at a Moscow (Russia) concert last Friday, uniformed (but unarmed) guards were generously posted at strategic points throughout the venue, as one might expect.
As one might also expect, all those unarmed guards fled in panic (along with everyone else, sometimes ahead of everyone else) when the first shots were fired!
“Official” toll stands at 133 innocent dead (the real number we’ll probably never know), and the presence of unarmed guards in all likelihood had no influence on that number.
Unarmed guards were, as they always are, impotent “security theater,” and nothing more.
So far as has been reported, at the entire venue the only ones who were armed, the only ones who did any shooting, were terrorists!
Thus it appears in this regard, Russians as stupid as we are, and ISIS obviously knows that only too well!
For the foreseeable future, my advice is:
1) Stay away from crowded events like this one, no matter where you live.
2) Don’t naively “out-source” your own safety
When there is a terrorist attack, the presence of unarmed “guards” will have zero effect on the outcome, as we see.
As we also see, chest-beating politicians in the aftermath will not bring any of the dead back to life, nor will all their pious, self-justifying drivel do anything to prevent the next attack.
In fact, the only time you’ll see genuine armed guards is when they’re protecting politicians and their rich friends.
That should give you a hint of how much regard they have for the rest of us!
“I see a gun as the ultimate representation of my ability, as a free citizen, to take final responsibility for my own safety”
Gideon Joubert, again