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18 July 24 Crescendo! As JRB’s embarrassing departure from the presidential race seems increasingly imminent (despite his repeated insistence that he’ll continue his campaign, at least until yesterday) and the DNC Convention in Chicago (scheduled for next month) promising to be war-ridden, both inside and out, and with each passing day, getting a Democrat’s name […]

Chaos, just under the surface!

14 July 24 Yesterday’s Assassination Attempt! There is much we still don’t know about the assassination attempt on the life of DJT yesterday in PA, but I am compelled to draw attention to these facts: Were it not for a couple of centimeters, we would all be waking-up to a frightening, chaotic “New Age in […]

Never Believe it!

12 July 24 “Shangri-La?” Democrat politicians are quick to insist that “ordinary citizens” don’t need “weapons of war,” nor “high-capacity” magazines They love cynical sound-bites like, “No one needs ten bullets to kill a deer,” (as if we were even talking about sport shooting). Yet, at the same moment leftists are mouthing such dishonest platitudes, […]

Home Invasion!

10 July 24 “Put yourself in a position to ‘be lucky’” Driesell “Armed?” A well-coordinated home-invasion, involving at least three suspects, in CA (LA area), on Tuesday came to an abrupt end when the homeowner shot and critically injured one of the suspects.  The other suspects quickly fled the scene. The single injured suspect (now […]

Old School

8 July 24 “Shooting is a science, but ‘fighting for your life’ is an Art. The difference is identical to that between limit and no-limit poker. When competing, you’re shooting at an inert target. When fighting, your target is alive and is sincerely trying to kill you, by whatever means he can! Limit poker, like […]

An Astonishing Place!

5 July 24 “Hey, you never know!” The foregoing is a promotional line used to advertize NY’s State Lottery The State of NY would do well to listen to its own advice! NYPD has announced that a suspect has just been arrested for the high-profile sexual battery (Monday of this week, in the middle of […]

First Responder?

3 July 24 Tomorrow’s Independence Day Holiday was made possible by audacious American citizens with privately-owned “weapons of war!” It’s been less than 300 years. Have we forgotten so soon? For the smugly naive, who keep saying, “In an emergency, just call 911,” a recent interview with LAPD’s current Chief may come as a jolt! […]


28 June 24 Worst outcome Increasingly-desperate hopefulness on the part of JRB supporters was dashed last night during the first (and likely the only) televised Presidential Debate. What was actually said (or mumbled in the case of JRB) was far lass consequential than the demeanor of the candidates. DJT was enthusiastic, spirited, focused, precisely controlled, […]

Last Resort

26 June 24 Avoidance, vigilance, awareness, deterrence, disengagement, de-escalation We emphasize all of the foregoing, but even in combination they only go so far, and collectively fall far short of representing an absolute solution to burgeoning personal-security issues that now greatly concern all Americans. Deadly “Jack-in-the-Box” attacks, carried-out by EDPs and other VCAs, are now […]