Monthly Archives: May 2023


31 May 23   “In a world of propaganda, truth is always ‘a conspiracy’   Herbert Hildebrant We’re coming into an election year, and all indications are that this one will be the most raucous and politically violent in my lifetime!   Marxists will continue to insist that their far-left phantasies not only be taken […]

What is “old” is new again!

26 May 23   “The past is never dead.   It’s not even ‘past!’”   Faulkner   After eighty years, not much has changed!   Germany’s innovative (in 1944) StG44 rifle is, once again, being used to fight Russians on the “Eastern Front!”   Some history:   425k StG44 rifles were manufactured in Nazi Germany […]

“Lethal-Means Reduction?”

24 May 23   “Finding ‘common ground’ with the thinking of evil men is a fool’s errand”   Herschel Smith   As we witness our Armed Forces recruitment efforts repeatedly falling drastically short of even minimum maintenance goals, DOD in its infinite wisdom, now cynically manufactures yet another significant reason for young Americans not to […]

The Big Picture

23 May 23   Between 1951 and 1964, the US Army produced a series of programs, mostly for television, called “The Big Picture”   These programs were, of course, promotional, but they provided a link of understanding and empathy between the American public and our armed forces. As a teenager, I remember enthusiastically watching them […]

Your Best Interest!

18 May 23   “(1) Stay out of saloons and brothels (the two functions were generally combined within the same building), and (2) don’t join posses”   Old West maxim for long life   A fight avoided is better (by far) than a fight “won!”   LEOs get paid to confront dangerous people. Non-LEOs don’t, […]

A government that (unlike ours) values the lives of its citizens!

15 May 23   “Beware the fury of a patient man.”   John Dryden   Three innocent members of the Dee family (a fifteen-year-old girl and her twenty-year-old sister) were precipitously attacked and murdered (via gunfire) while in their car along with their mother, by Islamic terrorists in Israel during April’s Passover celebration.    There […]

“Free Press?”

9 May 23   “The death of an independent press can lead to tyranny and render a population helpless to protect itself against a government that disdains law and conscience.”   Lesley Blume   Murders:’   Our hyper-ventilating, always-hysterical, heavily-slanted (in the Marxist direction) mainstream media “coverage” of homicides never focuses on our deteriorating societal […]


4 May 23   “An ‘army’ that has been beaten in every confrontation, even when pitted against little more than lightly-armed gangs!   An ‘army’ in which soldiers are frequently forced to return to their barracks disarmed, and without boots (lest they mutiny or desert)   An ‘army’ that publicly panics during insignificant contact, panics […]

On Hunting

1 May 23   “Most modern humans (at least in Western Civilization) sublimely float on an artificial, mostly-imaginary ‘life-raft,’ naively unaware that life is impossible without death, and that we humans share all the needs, frailties, and ultimate mortality of every other living creature”   Grossman   “Hilarious are the weak who think they are […]