1 May 23
“Most modern humans (at least in Western Civilization) sublimely float on an artificial, mostly-imaginary ‘life-raft,’ naively unaware that life is impossible without death, and that we humans share all the needs, frailties, and ultimate mortality of every other living creature”
“Hilarious are the weak who think they are ‘good,’ because they have no claws!”
My friend, esteemed colleague, and prolific author, Dave Grossman’s latest book is entitled:
On Hunting
Dave has enthralled and enlightened us all with On Killing and On Combat, along with a number of others among his books.
His latest, On Hunting, helps us all, even professing ‘vegetarians,” to know and understand that life apart from killing is a fantasy, and that even non-hunters cannot survive without other people doing their killing for them.
Dave eloquently makes the case for hunting, as only Dave can!
Highly recommended!