9 May 23
“The death of an independent press can lead to tyranny and render a population helpless to protect itself against a government that disdains law and conscience.”
Lesley Blume
Our hyper-ventilating, always-hysterical, heavily-slanted (in the Marxist direction) mainstream media “coverage” of homicides never focuses on our deteriorating societal ethics.
Instead, the media focuses on the instrumentality used, but only when it, and the perpetrator’s identity (particularly racial, political, and religious), align perfectly with leftist narratives.
These same mainstream media outlets nonchalantly rush past murder stories where inconvenient facts do not align precisely with their Marxist agenda.
Sixty people are murdered every day in the USA. The vast majority of those homicides never make national news. In fact, they scarcely even make local news, particularly in metro areas!
When a frightened home-owner uses his legally-owned gun to shoot a homicidal burglary suspect who just kicked-in his door, you can bet headlines the following day will read something like:
“Local gun-nut slays honor student!”
There is an unwritten media rule, strictly adhered to, that privately-owned guns will never be portrayed in a positive manner.
Thus, frightened home-owners invariably “open fire” on burglars. They never shoot carefully, reluctantly, and with precision. Violent criminals (always portrayed as innocent angels who are “experiencing a mental-health crisis”) are invariably “gunned-down” by legal gun-owners who are only trying to keep themselves and family from suffering lethal injury.
Heroes, who courageously step forward and try to protect others from criminal violence, are “vigilantes”
“Assault weapons” that constantly protect politicians, bureaucrats, and media executives are “necessary,” because their safety is “important” (ours is not)!
Accordingly, “assault weapons,” that you own in order to protect your own family, are dreadful “weapons of war” and need to be ripped from your hands, because you can’t be trusted.
A veritable army of federal employees, the vast majority of whom have no law-enforcement function nor training, are, and will be, routinely carry guns (including “assault weapons”), ostensibly for personal protection.
The media is mute on this subject, apparently thinking it doesn’t need to be reported!
Yet, worried non-police citizens applying for, and being issued, valid concealed-carry permits in record numbers is “an issue of great concern!”
In fact, political leftists (and their media mouthpieces) are persuaded we “ordinary citizens” can’t even be trusted with gas stoves. And now, even dishwashers are apparently way too dangerous!
Our former “free press” has allowed itself to become merely a Marxist gumshield, incapable of so much as an honest thought!