4 May 23
“An ‘army’ that has been beaten in every confrontation, even when pitted against little more than lightly-armed gangs!
An ‘army’ in which soldiers are frequently forced to return to their barracks disarmed, and without boots (lest they mutiny or desert)
An ‘army’ that publicly panics during insignificant contact, panics even at the sound of firecrackers!
It is inconceivable that such an ‘army’ will fight effectively against an appreciable opponent with modern equipment”
Wilhelm Keitel (Nazi General Staff), describing Italian troops in 1943 who were deployed in Greece in an effort to persuade Hitler not to expect much from them when Allies invaded the Balkans
The foregoing is the direction in which our current Administration is taking us, and largely for the same reasons!
We learn today that the US Navy has retained a openly-practicing “drag-queen” to appear on recruitment ads.
This is supposedly in an effort to bolster disastrously behind-schedule recruiting!
It seems precious few want to be part of a “woke” military, where “leaders” are now promoted based on devotion to a leftist political agenda, rather than any demonstrated ability.
The Navy can expect a public reaction to this imbecility similar to the one just experienced by Anheuser-Busch when they did something similar in an effort to promote Bud Light Beer.
How stupid can you get?
We also learned today that the 1.5k Army Troops being sent to our southern “border,” ostensibly to address the continuously deteriorating (and cynically manufactured) crisis there, will all be unarmed!
Not a rifle, pistol, machinegun, shotgun (much less heavy weapons), nor a single round of ammunition anywhere near them.
One can only wonder what they are supposed to do when confronted by heavily-armed, well-trained, and understandably unimpressed drug-cartel members.
Both JRB and our VP have publically stated in the past that they would “never station troops on our southern border.” It seems “never” just ended!
On their watch, our shrinking, demoralized “unarmed forces” have become unequal to the task, and no improvement is in sight!
Our national future is in peril!