24 May 23
“Finding ‘common ground’ with the thinking of evil men is a fool’s errand”
Herschel Smith
As we witness our Armed Forces recruitment efforts repeatedly falling drastically short of even minimum maintenance goals, DOD in its infinite wisdom, now cynically manufactures yet another significant reason for young Americans not to enlist!
Under the laughable pretext of “lethal-means reduction,” a new DOD recommendation consists of a demand for active-duty troops to “register” all privately-owned guns, even those troopers who are in possession of valid, state-issued CCW permits.
This will, of course, immediately bring-about a demand on the part of “woke” base commanders that all privately-owned guns (now “registered”) be subsequently removed from homes (on-base or off) of troopers, including officers and NCOs, and locked-up “for safe-keeping” within a base armory.
Of course, rightful-owners will never see their guns again!
Another part of this impending new policy is that “twenty-five” is to become the new minimum age for any Soldier, Sailor, Airman, Marine to privately own any kind of gun, again even when the trooper already has a valid CCW permit!
So, we put into the hands of eighteen-year-olds automatic weapons, that we don’t teach them to use (because they’re all too busy attending “transgender sensitivity” classes), and then prohibit them from obtaining, nor training with, their own weapons.
Even when troopers reach the age of twenty-five (in the unlikely event they’re still around), guns that they do privately own they can’t keep with them, as all guns must be locked-up and under the control of the base
At this rate, few will be joining-up. Fewer still will re-enlist.
It makes one wonder whom DOD is really working for!
“Where there is trust, no proof is necessary. Where there is none, no proof is possible”