31 May 23
“In a world of propaganda, truth is always ‘a conspiracy’
Herbert Hildebrant

We’re coming into an election year, and all indications are that this one will be the most raucous and politically violent in my lifetime!

Marxists will continue to insist that their far-left phantasies not only be taken seriously, but enforced as law!
Corporate “diversity chiefs” will insist that we all enthusiastically embrace their woke delusions, or be “punished” for our reluctance. They’re self-righteously “declaring war” upon all who refuse to unquestioningly embrace Marxist philosophy.
Who object, or even display hesitancy, will continue to be labeled “racists” and “white supremacists,” much as we are now.
The subtle implication is that visiting physical violence upon “non-liberals,” as well as stealing/destroying their property, preventing them from voting, is not only virtually sanctioned by leftists in political power, but represents some kind of “duty” on the part of the self-declared “oppressed!”
Violent crime, much of it politically motivated, will thus continue to accelerate nationwide, particularly in squalid metro areas where Democrat politicians “rule” (from their ivory towers)
Implication for those of us down here at the peon-level, who don’t live in ivory towers and are doing our best just trying to pay our taxes and make a living, is that we have few friends in Washington, fewer still among woke-intimidated corporate executives, fewer still in the leftist media, none at the DNC!
Who will protect us and our property from woke-sanctioned political violence at the hands of ANTIFA and other organized (in fact, sanctioned) leftists criminals?
Not Soros-sponsored DAs. That has been well-demonstrated!
De-funded/de-moralized police?
They’ll do the best the can, but in places like CA, NYC, et al where theft, squatting, even burglary, is now legal (actually encouraged by far-left politicians) , police are essentially prohibited from making arrests. And, no one gets locked-up!
Police, who are supposed to protect and serve everyone, are in many areas expected merely to enforce political agendas.
Will it improve in 2024?
Lacking the gift of prophesy, I haven’t the foggiest.
In the interim, we all need to take care of our own security, expecting little from “The System”
“Enforced ‘tolerance’ will reach such a level that intelligent people will be banned from thinking, so as not to offend imbeciles”