18 May 23
“(1) Stay out of saloons and brothels (the two functions were generally combined within the same building), and (2) don’t join posses”
Old West maxim for long life
A fight avoided is better (by far) than a fight “won!”
LEOs get paid to confront dangerous people. Non-LEOs don’t, nor is there any legal expectation that they step-forward and take some kind of (maybe forceful) action in a dangerous circumstance in which they are otherwise not involved.
Your lawyer will always recommend that you not voluntarily get involved with other people’s business, particularly with people you don’t know and in circumstances where you know few details.
When you do, a “happy ending” is unlikely!
In general, when the fight “comes to you,” through no invitation of your own, and you take reasonable (sometimes forceful) steps to protect yourself and avoid physical harm, you’re on fairly firm legal ground.
Conversely, when you voluntarily “go to the fight,” your case for legitimate self-defense begins to unravel!
Of course, protective/defensive actions you may take in any dangerous circumstance will mostly depend upon a serious conversation you have with your own conscience, and it is my suggestion that you have that conversation now, “left of bang!”
I tell my students, “I’m not here to tell you what to do. I’m here to tell you what is going to happen when you do!”
Any use of force, particularly deadly force, even the mere display of a deadly weapon in public, will likely have serious negative consequences- legal, emotional, financial.
When acutely necessary in order to preserve your life and health, you should certainly use that type and amount of force that is reasonably necessary, but such use of force needs to cease when the threat is clearly abrogated.
For example, subsequently chasing after a fleeing (former) threat is the kind of indiscretion that gets people into legal difficulty!
“Fear” is considered a legitimate motive for the use of force. “Anger” is not!
There are no guarantees in any event, but as I said above, most use-of-force incidents in which you might
become involved are probably avoidable.
It is surely “in your best interest” that they are avoided!