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Flying with Guns!

30 Oct 19 TSA “Adventure” From a friend and Instructor: “I flew out of AZO (Kalamazoo, MI) on Delta today. I’m currently on a hunting trip in another state. I brought with me two bolt-action hunting rifles in what I thought was my “TSA-compliant” hard case, a case I’ve flown with on previous trips This […]


29 Oct 19 “Nations have no perpetual ‘allies,’ nor ‘enemies.’ Nations only have ‘interests.’” Lord Palmerston in England (1835), but re-quoted many times by subsequent politicians, from Charles de Gaulle to Henry Kissinger! During WWI (before the USA, in the aftermath of the sinking of the Lusitania, got actively involved), the USA was, at least […]


28 Oct 19 Canik Pistols Recently, I’ve been carrying and using a copy of the Canik, TP9 Elite SC. It’s s double-column 9mm compact pistol, similar to a G26, but little slimmer. I’m carrying it as a backup! It’s a thirteen-shooter and from the user-standpoint, it works just like a Glock (as do most popular […]

“Latent Feelings of Insecurity?”

23 Oct 19 … and not just in Mexico! France’s “Ministry of Internal Affairs” prefers to pretend that illegal possession of military rifles (mostly AKs) is not really out of control in “minority areas” (ie: Islamic neighborhoods). The truth is that “minority areas” are awash with them! Police naively “estimate” there are 15,000 illegal AKs […]


21 Oct 19 Mexico dissolves into chaos! On 14 Oct 19 (last Monday), thirteen Mexican police officers were murdered during an ambush attack carried-out by the Jalisco Cartel in El Aguaje. Many more wounded. Forty-two police officers, riding in a convoy of five trucks, were ambushed on a highway, by heavily-armed cartel members, some firing […]

No Doubt!

16 Oct 19 “You lied to his face? No. I ‘revised the parameters of my promise.’ Which is lying! Which is politics!” Anon There is no doubt! Democrat presidential aspirants, in their latest “debate” last night all strongly advocated for forced gun confiscation, cynically mislabeled “gun buy-back” No push-back from any of them, nor from […]


15 Oct 19 How we got here! Firearms evolution: Walter Hunt in 1848 designed the Volition Repeating Rifle. It combined a primitive “lever-action,” tube magazine, and self-contained cartridges, consisting of a hollow lead bullet that contained powder, but no primer. A primer had to be emplaced before each shot could be fired. Hunt’s revolutionary rifle […]

The Myth!

11 Oct 19 On 9 Oct 19, in the town of Halle, Germany, a single perpetrator fired several shots at the locked door of a local synagogue in an apparent attempt to enter and massacre worshipers inside who were observing the Yom Kippur Holiday. Not clear if his shots were fired at the door itself, […]

The Other Shoe!

10 Oct 19 “For every idealistic ‘peace-maker,’ willing to renounce his right of self-defense in order to bring-about a ‘weapons-free world,’ there is at least one malignant war-maker, more than anxious to exploit his naivety” Margaret Thatcher Second Shoe! As details emerge with regard to the recent deadly stabbing incident at the Paris Police Headquarters […]

“True Barrier”

3 Oct 19 “Delusion detests focus, and romance provides the veil.” Suzanne Finnamore “Feel” safe? Today, several police officers were viciously attacked and stabbed inside the Paris, France Police Headquarters building, just across the street from Notre Dame Cathedral! Several officers were injured, at least one fatally! The attack(s) took place in a part of […]


2 Oct 19 “Withholding information is the essence of tyranny. Control of the flow of information is the tool of dictatorship.” Bruce Coville ERPO (“Extreme Risk Protective Order” or “Red Flag” Law), due to take effect in CO on the first of the year. No Republicans voted for this blatantly unconstitutional law! Virtually all Democrats […]


1 Oct 19 Puppets and Puppeteers Most health professionals and researchers agree that “Disarm Lists” cannot be assembled with any kind of reasonable predictive accuracy. We do not have the science yet to know whom to preemptively disenfranchise, and probably never will. So, not only do we have “No-Guns-For-You-List” problems with our Constitutional Rights as […]