2 Oct 19

“Withholding information is the essence of tyranny. Control of the flow of information is the tool of dictatorship.”

Bruce Coville

ERPO (“Extreme Risk Protective Order” or “Red Flag” Law), due to take effect in CO on the first of the year.

No Republicans voted for this blatantly unconstitutional law!

Virtually all Democrats (ignoring their oath to support and defend our Constitution) did!

Mark that well!

A person who has well-nigh any “relationship” with you will be able to file an ERPO Complaint against you, by phone, and remain anonymous. ERPO filers never have to appear in person, and no counter-evidence can be considered!

There is no ERPO filing fee, and there is no penalty for false and purely vindictive reporting, nor is there any limit to how many times a person can “call-in” an ERPO!

Thus, based only on anonymous, hearsay “evidence,” an ERPO Order can be issued against you, without your knowledge. An ERPO Order is issued solely because someone you may not know well, nor know at all, “feels” that you’re “crazy,” absent any real evidence, and absent any credible investigation.

The first you’re aware of it is when police show up and you door, demanding all your guns, holding a “civil warrant” (whatever that is).

They are all seized and taken away, and you don’t even get a receipt, and there is no guarantee that your legally-owned property will be cared-for properly.

Your name instantly goes on a no-NICS List, which means you cannot purchase any guns from that point forward.

All this, without you having been so much as accused, much less convicted, of any crime!

A hearing is scheduled sometime AFTER you’ve been disenfranchised and reduced to second-class-citizen status.

This will be your first opportunity to speak and present evidence on your own behalf, after hiring a lawyer at your own expense.

During this so-called “hearing,” the ERPO filer need not even be present, and can remain anonymous, so you get no opportunity to confront, nor cross-examine, them.

When the judge dismisses the ERPO, your rights are supposedly restored and your guns returned, but only when it’s convenient for the PD to return them to you, or you may be required to go to a remote location to pick them up, and only if NICS approves!

NICS may not be updated for months!

When you discover your guns are scratched-up, covered with rust, and some are missing, there is no provision in this “law” that makes anyone responsible!

And, the highly-touted issue of “mental health” is never even addressed!

There is no provision in the law for anyone to ever be examined by health-care professionals!

Under this law, an abusive ex-husband can conveniently “disarm” his abused ex-wife, so he can subsequently terrorize her with scant risk to his own health?

Will our courts protect us from this tyranny?

A “civil search warrant” is a laughable transgression of our 4th Amendment!

The complete absence “Due Process” makes a mockery of our 5th and 16th Amendments!

When you’re prohibited from confronting your accuser and from presenting your case to an impartial jury, it is an obvious infringement upon our 6th Amendment rights.

Simultaneously, Democrats who voted for this are “concerned” about charging violent juvenile felons (who have committed real crimes), because they want to “protect their future”

They obviously have no concern for ours!

“Those capable of tyranny are capable of perjury to sustain it.”

Lysander Spooner