10 Oct 19

“For every idealistic ‘peace-maker,’ willing to renounce his right of self-defense in order to bring-about a ‘weapons-free world,’ there is at least one malignant war-maker, more than anxious to exploit his naivety”

Margaret Thatcher

Second Shoe!

As details emerge with regard to the recent deadly stabbing incident at the Paris Police Headquarters building last week, “the other shoe” has predictably dropped!

The murderer was neither a “madman,” nor “mentally ill,” as dishonestly promulgated in the initial cover story.

As everyone well knew from the beginning, he was a radicalized, “AA-” shouting, Islamic jihadi, and his close association with radical Islamic forces was well known, but never acted upon, despite the fact that he was an employee of the PD!

Why am I not surprised?

He was finally shot dead after murdering four innocents, not by a high-speed, low-drag SWAT Team (that arrived an hour later), but by a single lowly, but courageous, intern, who was at the scene and happened to be armed, saw his duty clearly, stepped-up to the plate, and took care of business!

And, on and on it goes. We’ll not have to wait long for the next murderous jihadi attack.

Weapons range from cars, to trucks, to guns, to knives.

Victims are viewed by jihadi murderers as symbols of a Western Civilization, and are thus all “fair game,” regardless of gender or age.

Here they come- today, tomorrow, this week, next week, any time, anywhere, any place, your place!


Far more violent criminals are stopped in their tracks by “ordinary” citizens, who keep and bear arms, than will ever be by police and SWAT Teams!

“Ordinary” citizens, audacious, gallant, and dauntless, who go armed and have the courage to “take care of business,” when necessary.

Where private gun-ownership percentage among the general population is high, and where many citizens are licensed to carry concealed, and do, violent crime is always low.

Conversely, where governments (local and national) make private gun-ownership all but impossible, and citizens are constantly cowed with the message that guns are “naughty,” and that “ordinary” citizens shouldn’t own them, violent crime is always high, and growing!

“Self-defense is not just a set of techniques; it’s a state of mind, and it begins with the belief that you are worth defending.”

Rorion Gracie