21 Oct 19

Mexico dissolves into chaos!

On 14 Oct 19 (last Monday), thirteen Mexican police officers were murdered during an ambush attack carried-out by the Jalisco Cartel in El Aguaje.

Many more wounded.

Forty-two police officers, riding in a convoy of five trucks, were ambushed on a highway, by heavily-armed cartel members, some firing from armored vehicles!

The armed police convoy was on its way to pick-up and escort out of the area several critical witnesses to a violent crime.

Their imposing presence did not save them from attack!

The area has been the scene of multiple armed clashes between cartel members, rival cartel members, and local self-defense groups.

Nationwide, murders will easily break the 2018 record!

Mexico’s current president has displayed scant interest in wresting control of the countryside from cartels.

He has expressed great interest in increasing the size of his own personal bodyguard detail!

He may be wondering why Mexico’s draconian gun control laws are not reducing the level of criminal violence!

As for Mexico’s disarmed middle-class, they live in continuing morbid fear, unable to protect themselves.

Later last week, yet another large contingent of Mexican police who were sent to the City of Culiacán to arrest Ovidio Guzmán López, son of the drug lord Joaquín Guzmán Loera (currently in custody in the United States), succeeded in taking Guzman into custody, only to release him a short time later when they found themselves surrounded by cartel gunmen!

They were lucky to escape with their lives!

Once again, Mexico’s government has shown itself to be completely outclassed by violent, warring cartels.

Cartels, not the Mexican government, are in control of most of the nation!

Citizens enjoy no protection!

A local writes:

“We all know our Mexican ‘government’ is completely intimidated by cartels, but by folding like this and releasing Ovidio, it pretty much confirms to the rest of the world that our government has no control over this country.”

Comment: Travel to anywhere in Mexico is highly not recommended!

Despite dubious denials by government spokesmen, the Mexican government is unable to protect anyone, as
we see!