28 Oct 19

Canik Pistols

Recently, I’ve been carrying and using a copy of the Canik, TP9 Elite SC.

It’s s double-column 9mm compact pistol, similar to a G26, but little slimmer.

I’m carrying it as a backup!

It’s a thirteen-shooter and from the user-standpoint, it works just like a Glock (as do most popular pistols these days)!

Polymer frame, striker-fired, no manual safety, trigger-tab, variable grip geometry, high-tech coating on all parts, external and internal, night-sight (front-sight only, which is the set-up I prefer)

And, it comes with a very nice kydex holster that can be configured for OWB, IWB, left-hand, right-hand.

I was going to order a holster for it, but the one that comes with is works just fine. I have it set-up for IWB on the left side, and it carries comfortably!

We’ve had a number of Caniks in Courses, and all have run perfectly. I have two copies (a full-sized and this new Compact), and after heavy use by me and my students, both have been extremely reliable!

I have no compunction about recommending these pistols!

They are well-designed and run as well as any other high-quality pistol out there, and the price is extremely competitive, considering it comes with a very useable holster and other accessories.

There are many quality pistols now available, including Glocks, of course, and a number of others.

I rate Canik as on-par with any of them!