16 Oct 19

“You lied to his face?

No. I ‘revised the parameters of my promise.’

Which is lying!

Which is politics!”


There is no doubt!

Democrat presidential aspirants, in their latest “debate” last night all strongly advocated for forced gun confiscation, cynically mislabeled “gun buy-back”

No push-back from any of them, nor from leftist media “inquisitors.”

Democrats are openly coming after our guns, while keeping theirs.

There is no doubt!

Beto confirmed his previous affirmation that he would, as president, forcibly confiscate “ARs and AKs”

He added that “his fellow citizens” will gladly, happily give them up, with nary a hint of protest.

Funny, that’s not what we’re seeing in CT, NY, Brazil, Venezuela, and New Zealand!

Julian Castro, openly spiteful of police, countered that minority communities would not welcome police officers coming door-to-door demanding that citizens turn-in their guns!

“Police violence is also ‘gun violence’” said he, to wild cheers from the audience.

Not a single other candidate came to the defense of American police!

Police officers, along with all other American gun owners, are obviously “expendable!”

Sleepy Joe asserted “A registered gun is far less likely to be involved in a mass shooting…”

To no one’s surprise, he offered no factual basis for that mythological belief.

He also firmly designated NRA members and gun manufacturers as “The Enemy,” presumably to be righteously punished, then he later insisted he would “bring us all together.”


In gulags?

When gun manufacturers are all forced out of business, who will equip our police, military, and Sleepy Joe’s bodyguards?

Anderson Cooper asked Andrew Yang why “assault weapons” were such a current target for confiscation by Democrats, when handguns are used in the vast majority of violent crimes involving guns.

Yang ignored the question completely and went off on another topic!

Not long ago, Democrats wanted to ban all handguns, simultaneously stating that other guns, rifles and
shotguns, were “not a problem.”

How their tune has changed!

Today, they refuse to talk about handguns, but want to rip from the hands of innocent Americans all legally-owned autoloading longarms (at least as a start).

Anderson Cooper, of course, lacked the courage to ask any of these presidential aspirants if Americans might have a problem with cheerfully turning-in their guns to the government, while Democrat politicians refuse to turn-in theirs!

He might has asked:

“When ‘ordinary’ American citizens can’t have guns to protect themselves, why is it okay for all of you to remain heavily armed, with ‘assault weapons’ galore?

If ‘assault weapons’ can’t protect us, why do they continue to protect you?

Are you really surprised when ‘ordinary’ Americans view that as arrogant, elitist hypocrisy on your part?”

Of course, with our cowardly, less-than-honest media, we’ll never hear anything like that!

“My campaign appeals to the wealthy, because I set all at ease by confirming, ‘It’s okay to be rich (like me), so long as you claim to care about ‘the children.’

I also appeal to the poor, who are too stupid to understand what I’m saying, so I hold-up pretty pictures and then give-out candy bars”