23 Oct 19

… and not just in Mexico!

France’s “Ministry of Internal Affairs” prefers to pretend that illegal possession of military rifles (mostly AKs) is not really out of control in “minority areas” (ie: Islamic neighborhoods).

The truth is that “minority areas” are awash with them!

Police naively “estimate” there are 15,000 illegal AKs in France. The actual figure is at least ten times that number!

French politicians look the other way, because enforcing gun laws on Islamics “doesn’t contribute to voter support”

The other group of owners of illegal guns are know as “Survivors.” We would call them “Preppers.”

French police, and police officers in most other Western European countries, know full-well that police operations designed to seize illegal weapons in “minority areas” will likely be met with overt, lethal resistance.

So, they are never attempted!

It’s much easier, and considerably less dangerous, to enforce gun laws against “survivors” and other frightened (mostly Catholic/Protestant) French citizens who just want some way to protect themselves from a “rainy day.”

Unlike Islamic neighborhoods, no gunfights are expected in those places, nor are subsequent “revenge
attacks” on police.

“We know that there are weapons in the suburbs (‘minority areas’), but we have no order to seize them,” is the feeble excuse sheepishly offered by the French police union.

Simultaneously, German citizens are also trying their best to arm themselves, legally when possible.

During Cologne’s (Germany) New Year’s Eve celebrations, mass sexual assaults of German women by North African and Middle Eastern (Islamic) men are still fresh on the minds of Western Europeans, although the liberal press has done its best to cover it up, and many other similar events in Germany, France, Sweden, Denmark, etc.

Applications for various “permits” are currently overwhelming their System.

Germany’s Union of Police (GdP) says in a official statement that the primary reason is a “latent feeling of insecurity.”

Ya think?


In Western Civilization we at least make a pretense of revering human dignity and individual freedom and liberty, but it is largely just lip-service and “theater.”

Politicians condescendingly look upon citizens as expendable cannon fodder, as we see!

They cynically pander to our personal safety concerns during election seasons, but solicit our support almost exclusively by bribing us with our own money.

They insist that their personal safety be insured via heavy weapons, while arrogantly decreeing that the rest of us are just too stupid to own guns!

They cynically enforce gun laws against the helpless, while maintaining a self-serving “hands-off” policy with regard to heavily-armed cartels (Mexico) and heavily-armed, militant Islamics (Western Europe).

Who naively look to government for protection, while taking no unilateral steps to protect themselves, will surely perish. And, when calamity strikes, they, unprepared, will die in amazement!

Their “famous last words” are invariably:

“This is so unfair!”

“Preparation doesn’t assure victory

It assures confidence.”

Amit Kalantri