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Blessed Redundancy!

28 Aug 19 Addressing the issue of serious guns, carried and used: From a friend and Instructor/Operator: “With regard to your last Quip, this is the System I use in an effort to minimize the issue: I have three carry pistols, all the same (S&W 9mm M&Ps), and all three set-up identically. Number One is […]


27 Aug 19 Worn parts and UDs! Students and trainers around the world will now and then report a slam-fire-engendered UD when chambering a round on pistols, even pistols from reputable manufacturers, manufacturers that I recommend! Some of this is “urban legend,” of course, but not all. Fire-control parts can become so worn-out, from lots […]


24 Aug 19 “ Our military doesn’t teach rifle marksmanship. It teaches ‘equipment familiarity.’ Despite what the officer corps thinks, learning to shoot a rifle is not like learning to drive a car. Instead, it is like learning to play the violin.” Daryl Davis Ambrose Burnside was the first president of the National Rifle Association […]


22 Aug 19 “When the ‘Personnel Department’ became ‘Human Resources,’ I, who had heretofore been a living, breathing ‘person,’ suddenly became just a ‘resource,’ like furniture and iron ore. In Western Civilization, we have a proclivity for looking back and then ‘bunching-up’ years into ‘ages,’ such as the ‘Stone Age,’ ‘Bronze Age,’ ‘Dark Age,’ ‘Age […]

A Mournful Discovery

19 Aug 19 “Lists” “A mournful discovery: Who agree with you are ‘insane’ Who do not agree with you are in power.” PK Dick Over 700k Russians were rounded-up by Stalin’s dreaded NKVD and summarily shot during his infamous “purges” of 1937/38. Countless others rotted and died in gulags. Many were executed by “troikas” (secret […]


17 Feb 19 FS/7.62 The “Farnam Signature 7.62 Rifle,” built on the POF Revolution and the Robinson Armament XCR/M, next on the DSA SA58 (FAL) and the PTR91, like the famous FSM4, is my idea of a consummate individual fighting rifle. My long-time perfectionist friend and colleague, Freddie Blish at Robar, makes all of these, […]

Comments on Gun Safety

16 Aug 19 Comments on gun safety, from an educator: “Democrats piously claim to all be devoted to ‘keeping kids safe.’ Yet, they vehemently oppose any species of gun-safety curriculum ever seeing the light of day in schools! Simultaneously, they just can’t wait to teach kindergartners about “safe” sex, fire safety, “safe” eating habits, internet […]

“Safe” Guns

15 Aug 19 Gun Accidents: “If you haven’t figured it out yet, an absolutely certain way to lose something as quickly as possible is to forget the privilege you have to possess it in the first place.” Craig Lounsbrough With legal, private ownership of guns among the general population in the USA at an all-time […]


13 Aug 19 A brief History of Military “Sniping:” “Bolt-actions speak louder than words!” Craig Roberts Rifleman, taking up concealed positions and firing their rifles, not at ranks of enemy soldiers, but at individual enemy officers and NCOs, have always been regarded with suspicion and disdain by war planners of all nations. In the black-powder […]

Enough is NEVER “Enough!”

10 Aug 19 Enough? Democrat presidential aspirants, Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders, and several others are insisting that Wal Mart stop selling guns. Not just “some” guns, All guns! Walmart sells basic centerfire and rimfire rifles and shotguns at rural and suburban outlets where demand is high. Such guns are popular with hunters and other sportsmen. […]


9 Aug 19 “Meaningful” Background Checks? This morning DJT, responding to last weekend’s shooting incidences in El Paso, TX, and Dayton, OH, called for “meaningful background checks” to be imposed at a federal level upon any American citizen who wants to make a retail purchase of a firearm. As I listened, it struck me: “Wait! […]

Ammunition Terminal Performance!

8 Aug 19 Ammunition Tests: At a training course last weekend in PA, my students and I had the opportunity to test a number of popular high-performance pistol rounds on blocks of ten-percent gelatin. All rounds had to penetrate four layers of heavy denim before entering gelatin block(s). Rounds were also chronographed: Here are some […]

Isn’t it Time?

7 Aug 19 “Aggressors are always quick to attack those who have no means of defense.” Christine de Pizan John Adams warned us that our Constitution would only suffice for governance of a moral population. Particularly in our big metro areas, we’ve long-since abandoned morals in our desperate search for high-sounding rationalizations for criminality and […]

The “Revolution” picks-up momentum!

6 Aug 19 “There are no absolute ‘Rules of Conduct,’ neither in peace, nor war. Everything depends on circumstances.” Leon Trotsky In the wake of the El Paso, TX and Dayton, OH shooting incidents of last weekend, nauseating verbal outbursts from Democrat/socialist politicians, including presidential aspirants, are expected. Their personal conduct is worthy of them! […]