7 Aug 19

“Aggressors are always quick to attack those who have no means of defense.”

Christine de Pizan

John Adams warned us that our Constitution would only suffice for governance of a moral population.

Particularly in our big metro areas, we’ve long-since abandoned morals in our desperate search for high-sounding rationalizations for criminality and non-productivity.

All this, while leftist domestic politicians mechanically invoke “racism” as automatic shielding of their own corruption and incompetence.

We’re told (by these same politicians) that ARs, AKs, et al are “unsuitable for self-defense,” and therefore there is no legitimate reason for any of us peons to own one, and therefore they all need to be confiscated by the government, at once.

The conspicuously dishonest euphemism they invoke is “buy-back,” as if our private property has always been theirs to begin with!

How long will it be before they insist on “buying-back” our personal computers, telephones, copy machines, printers, and anything else they think we shouldn’t have, but that they (of course) should?

Curiously, the very Democrat politicians, who aspire to be president and who currently preside over our rotting, broken cities (mentioned above), and who are simultaneously proposing our universal Second-Amendment disenfranchisement, all themselves enjoy continuous protection provided by elaborate bodyguard details, and these bodyguards are all heavily-armed, with the very same weapons they insist the rest of us shouldn’t have!

Isn’t it high time for these Democrat/socialist hypocrites to lead by example?

Isn’t it time for them all to personally lead the way by immediately, permanently disarming their own bodyguards?

After all, when we peons don’t “need” ARs and AKs for personal protection, then neither do they!

What is “good enough” for us is “good enough” for them.

Fair enough?

On the day the do that, even I will be compelled to confront the possibility that maybe they are not all
contemptible, sleazy, lying, self-serving, corrupt, socialist hypocrites!

“It’s discouraging to think how many are ‘shocked’ by honesty and how few by deceit.”

Noel Coward