10 Aug 19


Democrat presidential aspirants, Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders, and several others are insisting that Wal Mart stop selling guns.

Not just “some” guns, All guns!

Walmart sells basic centerfire and rimfire rifles and shotguns at rural and suburban outlets where demand is high. Such guns are popular with hunters and other sportsmen.

Simultaneously, Congressional Democrats are pressuring Amazon and other cyber-retailers to stop selling “gun accessories,” holsters, slings, etc.

This is confusing!

Last week, Democrats were saying they only wanted to ban from possession by us peons certain “assault” weapons (which they can never seem to define). At the same time, they assured us that “regular” guns were okay, and that they would never come after them.

Curiously, that’s suddenly not what they’re saying now!

Liz, Bernie, and others don’t want Wal Mart, nor any other retailer, selling ANY kind of gun, nor any kind of “gun accessory!”

We should all take note that Liz, Bernie, et al are all continuously guarded by the very “assault” weapons (even some “regular” ones) they hypocritically insist we mere peons should never be allowed to ever touch!

Who naively believe Democrat/socialists do not fully intend to come and take our guns, ALL our guns, by force, is dreaming, foolishly!

“When facing craven leftists,
Who seek to take our stuff,
Know this truth they try to hide,
Enough is NEVER “enough!”