17 Feb 19


The “Farnam Signature 7.62 Rifle,” built on the POF Revolution and the Robinson Armament XCR/M, next on the DSA SA58 (FAL) and the PTR91, like the famous FSM4, is my idea of a consummate individual fighting rifle.

My long-time perfectionist friend and colleague, Freddie Blish at Robar, makes all of these, and they are wonderful!

I travel with my copy, in a low-profile Sneaky Bag.

Freddie has a copy of the FSM10 (POF Revolution) in stock right now. Normal turn-around time for these superb rifles is ninety days, but you can have this one by the end of next week!

You only need to identify what optic you want, and if you want a Weapon-mounted light, Law Folding stock, Sneaky Bag, Vickers two-point Sling.

It comes with the excellent Vortex Strike Eagle 1-8X, but Leupold, Kahles, and Swarovski optics are also available.

It arrives at your place fully test-fired, and with both Optic and BUIS precisely zeroed (40/200).

It is immediately ready for service!

You can see it at: