16 Aug 19

Comments on gun safety, from an educator:

“Democrats piously claim to all be devoted to ‘keeping kids safe.’

Yet, they vehemently oppose any species of gun-safety curriculum ever seeing the light of day in schools!

Simultaneously, they just can’t wait to teach kindergartners about “safe” sex, fire safety, “safe” eating habits, internet safety, keeping the planet safe, car safety, etc

But, never a hint of even the most basic gun-safety training, at any point in their education, ignoring the fact that guns, like cars, are ubiquitous in this civilization!

The left’s vile hatred of our Second Amendment, and of American gun-owners, precludes them from even considering an alternative to indoctrinating children with an abject, unreasoning fear of guns, and despisement of all who own them.

The NEA is determined to continue feeding children socialist pablum that will create the left’s “dream society” of dependent, compliant morons!”

“Children must be taught how to think, not what to think.”

Margaret Mead