22 Aug 19

“When the ‘Personnel Department’ became ‘Human Resources,’ I, who had heretofore been a living, breathing ‘person,’ suddenly became just a ‘resource,’ like furniture and iron ore.

In Western Civilization, we have a proclivity for looking back and then ‘bunching-up’ years into ‘ages,’ such as the ‘Stone Age,’ ‘Bronze Age,’ ‘Dark Age,’ ‘Age of Enlightenment,’ ‘Nuclear Age,’ et al.

A future author will write a book about us some day entitled ‘The Golden Age of Self-Delusion’

It is upon us now and shows no sign of weakening, but keep the faith.

This too shall pass!”


HARPA ( Health Advanced Research Projects Agency)

A project designed to forcibly revoke Second Amendment Rights of otherwise innocent American citizens who “might commit a crime in the future.”

Just what we need:

Yet another new and “shrouded in secrecy” federal bureaucracy with unlimited power:


A legion of bespectacled, palm-rubbing “health-care processionals” descended upon the White House this week advocating for a “Brave New World,” including the creation of HARPA, which will work tirelessly to seek-out and “identify neurobehavioral signs of someone headed toward a violent, explosive act”

HARPA’s proponents insist the new bureaucracy will “use advanced artificial intelligence to identify changes in mental status that could make an individual prone to violent behavior.”

On the front-burner of HARPA’s agenda is:

“Safe Home”

“Stopping Aberrant Fatal Events by Helping Overcome Mental Extremes”

All high-sounding, of course. Yet, without “mental extremes” (ie: new ideas, fresh thinking) our civilization would never advance!

“Save Home” can thus be translated:

“Forced Mediocrity”

All this, despite the fact that historically “mental-health professionals” have been utterly unsuccessful in predicting future violent behavior!

Can we all see the chilling abuse surrounding the whole idea of capriciously revoking a Citizen’s rights because a computer program says he “might commit a crime in the future?”

Does this smack of “arbitrary power?”

Does this sound like something Joe Stalin would love?

Can you imagine what a “President Warren” will do with this?

“If we got one-tenth of what is promised to us in these State-of-the-Union speeches, there would be no inducement to go to heaven.”

Will Rogers