28 Aug 19

Addressing the issue of serious guns, carried and used:

From a friend and Instructor/Operator:

“With regard to your last Quip, this is the System I use in an effort to minimize the issue:

I have three carry pistols, all the same (S&W 9mm M&Ps), and all three set-up identically.

Number One is my regular, carry gun. There has been 2.5k rounds through it, with no issues. It runs reliably with my chosen carry load. I have no compunction about relying on it for personal protection.

Number Two is my training gun. This gun gets the lion’s share of firing. When I go to the range, I shoot most rounds through this gun. Number One I shoot a little, just to make sure all is well.

Number Three is new. I shot it just enough to verify its reliability, sight-settings, and that it runs with my carry ammunition. It is in my safe and does not get used, nor carried.

When I am involved in a lethal-force incident that involves shooting on my part, it will be with Number One.

Number One will, of course, be seized as evidence.

I may get it back in a year or two.

I may never see it again!

Number Three then becomes my default carry gun, until I get Number One back, if I ever do.

The foregoing method provides the necessary redundancy so that I can go on as usual, without a break in continuity.”


“Redundancy is ambiguous, because it seems like a waste, when nothing unusual happens.

Except that something unusual happens,

… usually!”

Nassim Taleb