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26 June 17 Supremes: It is truly said: “Where you stand depends on where you sit!” Today, our Supreme Court cynically declined to hear the Peruta V CA Case. Justices Thomas and Gorsuch magnificently dissented! I can’t put it more eloquently: “The Constitution does not rank certain rights above others, and I do not think […]

Less than optimal!

25 June 17 “Life! What inscrutable card shall ye throw next upon the soft felt of our days?” Colson Whitehead Quoting Musashi, we often warn our students of the hazards associated with having “favorite weapons.” Because we know, as Musashi did, that a “favorite weapon” (or its curious, but consistent, absence) will invariably become a […]

Rights and Privileges

23 June 17 “When you are a dog, and your owner suggests that you wear a sweater, suggest that he wear a tail.” Fran Lebowitz Since the “Baseball Field Shooting Incident” of 14 June 17, a half-dozen bills have been forwarded in Congress, all addressing the issue of politicians (but only politicians) carrying concealed guns […]

The answer!

19 June 17 Yesterday, in the West African nation (former French colony) of Mali, at least five Islamic terrorists were ultimately killed by “government forces,” but not before they invaded a swank resort (popular with foreign tourists) just outside the capital City of Bmarko, and murdered at least two guests. Many more guest fled. As […]

We’ve Grown Weary…

18 June 17 “Unarmed people are slaves, or are subject to slavery at any moment.” Huey Newton The progressively frustrated cry for forced disarmament of Americans: In the wake of Wednesday’s attempted murder of Republican politicians by a leftist ideologue, one might have expected the ususal panicked petition by liberals for, once again, the forced […]

Theory and Practice

15 June 17 “I used to have six theories on child-raising, but no children. Today, I have six children, and no theories!” Anon Theory vs Practice: During yesterday’s shooting incident in VA, a man walking his dog at a park near the baseball field told Fox News he heard uniformed police yelling at the perpetrator […]

No One’s Slaves!

15 June 17 “The world has no particular objection to vice, but it does have an insuperable repugnance to hearing vice called by its proper name.” William Thackeray Last week in the UK, a local police commissioner, Alison Hernandez (suffering from an attack of “malicious honesty,” albeit only temporary), indicated that she was open to […]

Political Violence

14 June 17 Aftermath: Now, I will comment on motive: Sure enough, this morning’s shooting perpetrator (now deceased) was a certified “Sandernista.” And, leftist blogs have all day long sung his praises and are openly disappointed that he had not murdered more Republicans. I wish I were surprised! I wonder if Democrat politicians actually believed […]

We Shoot Back!

14 June 17 “The first five seconds are more important than the next five hours” This morning’s shooting incident in VA: I won’t comment on motive of the single shooting suspect (now deceased), as these facts have not yet been reported. I will comment on tactics: Representative Mike Bishop (R-MI), who was there, said this […]


6 June 17, 73rd Anniversary of the D-Day Invasion From a friend in the UK: “Last few days before our general election here. Thick crowds will be gathering in public places to cast votes. There is significant danger from more terrorist attacks, and everyone knows it! Many will decline to vote for this very reason. […]

No going back!

5 June 17 “Stupidity is the same as evil, when you judge by the results.” Margaret Atwood Deadly Islamic terrorists attacks upon the innocent are now weekly occurrences within the UK and Europe, and terrorists show no sign of relenting. In the latest version last Saturday, terrorists first ran down hapless pedestrians in a busy […]

Chicago Update!

2 June 17 Chicago additional: My last Quip about the City of Chicago was true, but as it turns out, dated! The mayor and other liberal politicians still hate the private ownership of guns, and all gun-owners, but things have improved, slightly, since 2013 when the rules I described were last in place: From a […]