19 June 17

Yesterday, in the West African nation (former French colony) of Mali, at least five Islamic terrorists were ultimately killed by “government forces,” but not before they invaded a swank resort (popular with foreign tourists) just outside the capital City of Bmarko, and murdered at least two guests.

Many more guest fled.

As with last week’s baseball field attack in DC, the death toll would have doubtless been much higher, had it not been for a single French soldier, who happened to be there for a holiday weekend, just like everyone else!

This situationally-aware, well trained French soldier, a true Operator who realized that there is no such thing as “off-duty,” wisely chose to carry his pistol during his weekend leave. That pistol came in mighty handy.

Yes indeed!

This courageous French soldier, in the right place at the right time, responding IMMEDIATELY to incoming gunfire, identified, shot, and wounded at least one jihadi. The result of his swift, precise, and decisive action is that the entire terrorist mission (of wiping-out dozens of helpless resort guests), precipitously fell apart!

Police arrived minutes later and finished the job!

This French soldier’s unilateral and audacious decision to go armed while on leave was in direct conflict with “rules,” “conventions,” “orders,” “understandings,” ad nauseam. But, it likely saved his life and the lives of many other innocents.

He is a hero, by any standard!

So, once again we see the recurring theme:

“CCSAPO;” (Concealed Carriers, on Scene, Achieve Positive Outcomes)

This is THE “answer” to terrorism!

The real malignancy in this ongoing world drama is “hoplophobia,” and the real villains are “hoplophobes”

Hoplophobes are cynical, sleazy, career cowards who are at once envious and spiteful of true Operators. Many occupy high places up the food-chain. Always too timid to enter the ring themselves, they sit in safety on the sidelines and piously point-out “where the strong man stumbled, and where the doer of deeds could have done them better.”

These are the ones who are deathly afraid of guns and armed men. These are the ones who nervously post “no guns allowed” signs everywhere they can.

Good thing we ignore them! Good thing that French soldier ignored them, eh?

For a domestic example, we’ve only to look as far as what used to be known as Comiskey (Chicago White Socks) Park, recently renamed to “Guaranteed Rate Park” (another example of Chicago’s decent into sewerdom. Charles A Comiskey, who died in 1931, was a founder of the American League).

The Park and MLB are hosting an annual baseball game between the Chicago Police Department and the Chicago Fire Department.

This notice was just sent to all participants and attendees:

“ATTENTION POLICE OFFICERS: Per MLB POLICY: ABSOLUTELY NO GUNS are allowed in Guaranteed Rate Field. Please do not bring your gun!”

A crowd of police officers and their families, concentrated in a small area, and no one is armed. Does that sound like a terrorist target to you?

I suspect many CPD officers will not be attending. I surely wouldn’t. Cynical hoplophobes at MLB obviously don’t trust CPD officers with guns!

“Four maxims:

1) Your motives are not as altruistic as they seem to you.

2) Don’t overestimate your own merits.

3) Don’t expect others to take as much interest in you as you do..

4) Don’t imagine most people give enough thought to you to have any special desire to persecute you.”

Bertrand Russell