5 June 17

“Stupidity is the same as evil, when you judge by the results.”

Margaret Atwood

Deadly Islamic terrorists attacks upon the innocent are now weekly occurrences within the UK and Europe, and terrorists show no sign of relenting.

In the latest version last Saturday, terrorists first ran down hapless pedestrians in a busy part of London. Then, armed with knives, they exited their van, slashing, stabbing, and kicking the injured who were trying to limp and crawl away!

Terrorists then entered adjacent restaurants and attacked anyone they could.

Seven fatalities and seven times that number injured.

Three Islamic terrorists where ultimately shot to death by police. They were wearing explosive “suicide belts,” which were eventually determined to be fake.

Response time for armed police units was “officially calculated” at eight minutes. By the time they arrived, much carnage had already been performed. Lethal gunfire from police likely prevented more.

UK’s Prime Minister was rightly proud of her police’s deadly answer to active terrorist murderers, and indicated that the eight-minute response in this case was pretty respectable.

Sadly, what she is really saying is that eight minutes is about as good as it’s ever going to get! And, during that eight (or more) minutes, terrorized, unarmed, and castrated UK citizens are on their own!

In refreshing contrast, Czech Republic President Milos Zeman urged his citizens to arm themselves and to be prepared to efficaciously confront the coming “Muslim holocaust.”

I only wish DJT would say something similar!

Interesting that the Czech Republic, unlike the UK, has not unconditionally thrown open its arms to every “refugee” who wants to enter the country. Even so, gun sales in the Czech Republic are currently off the chart.

Predictably, socialists, who rule most of Europe and, until recently, the USA will react to steadily increasing Islamic terrorism by punishing all the people who don’t commit crimes, while simultaneously leaving them defenseless! Socialist politicians, without fail, will suffocate individual freedom, as they take extraordinary steps to protect themselves.

Islamics are just getting started! They smell weakness, stupidity, and lack of resolve in the West.

Many among the innocent will perish in coming months and years.

It won’t get better any time soon, probably not within our lifetimes!

As individuals, we have to face facts and make tough choices. There is scant “protection” upon which you can bet your life. You’re an Operator, or a VBC. “Middle ground” has vanished. The world will never be “like it was” again!