6 June 17, 73rd Anniversary of the D-Day Invasion

From a friend in the UK:

“Last few days before our general election here.

Thick crowds will be gathering in public places to cast votes. There is significant danger from more terrorist attacks, and everyone knows it! Many will decline to vote for this very reason.

Our Labour Party (equivalent of your ‘Democrats’) is hovering over all of this with bright, red banners and Marxist-Trotskyite control overtones.

Our national response to recent mass murders by Islamic terrorists is confined to ‘one-minute silence moments,’ and ‘memorial performances’ by entertainers.

Meanwhile, terrorists are gleefully planning their next example of revenge upon Western civilians.

We remain a great, unprepared mass at the mercy of these murderous ideologues, who freely move about in packs here, with the cloak of our ‘free society’ covering their terrible intent.

Our government tells us to: ‘Run, Hide and Tell,’ because of course, we cannot privately own anything that even remotely resembles a weapon. ‘Fighting’ is unthinkable. We are expected to be ‘good victims.’ In fact, any species of individual boldness, daring, or initiative is frowned-upon here and considered by our socialist nannys to be ‘politically incorrect.’

Curious that our highly-vaunted national weapon prohibition never seems to apply to, nor is it enforced upon, Islamics. Yesterday, ‘gun-free’ Australia experienced yet another example of this identical phenomenon. Imagine that!

In a just world, we would all be righteously resolute, well-armed, and they would be confidently telling us:

‘Keep calm and fight back!’

Seventy-three years ago, that is what they did tell us!

That’s when we were proud ‘citizens,’ not dysphoric, expendable ‘sheep,’ groveling under the uncaring thumb of our socialist ‘shepherds’”