18 June 17

“Unarmed people are slaves, or are subject to slavery at any moment.”

Huey Newton

The progressively frustrated cry for forced disarmament of Americans:

In the wake of Wednesday’s attempted murder of Republican politicians by a leftist ideologue, one might have expected the ususal panicked petition by liberals for, once again, the forced confiscation of all privately-owned firearms in America (much like what happened in Australia a decade ago, in the UK shortly after the end of WWI, and in CA currently).

For leftists/liberals, forced confiscation of privately-owned firearms may take place all at once, or in small, lying steps, but their end-goal is always the same. In fact, when each “small step” fails to reduce violent crime (of course, such “small steps” are cynically designed to fail), liberals will ever whine, “We didn’t go far enough,” setting the stage for the next “small step.”

All so predictable!

In any event, lately, and particularly this time, their worn-out, “Guns-are-ishey,” siren-song is falling upon deaf ears!

In fact, so unpopular is the bromidic notion of universal gun confiscation, few Democrats are now even bringing it up, at least in public.

Even our liberal media is only lukewarm this time, a genuine departure from their customary vile, rabid, gun-hating diatribes.

It strikes me that liberals, in and out of the media, have finally caught-on that Americans are bored with them, and their ever-so predictable far-left dogma, maybe even a little annoyed!

Perhaps Americans have finally grown weary of being told by liberals that we are too stupid to own guns.

Perhaps Americans have plainly seen the blatant hypocrisy of heavily-armed, liberal politicians, and liberal media personalities pseudo-sanctimoniously (and oh-so condescendingly) dictating to the rest of us, from their ivory towers, that we don’t “need” guns!

Perhaps, despite being assured by liberals that it is all just our imagination, Americans are justifiably frightened of Islamic terrorists, and we desperately want effective means of unilaterally defending ourselves.

If they were smart, Democrats would drop this red herring once and for all. But, as with all leftists, their personal vanity won’t permit any species of repentance. They would rather die than admit they’re wrong, or are even capable of being wrong!

“Without your rifle, you are nothing, worthless. You are waiting for death, any minute, any second.”

Aron Bielski, WWII Jewish Resistance Fighter in Eastern Europe