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Media Anti-Gun History

27 Feb 17 “Hypocrisy is the essence of snobbery” Alexander Theroux A good friend and criminal investigator has pointed out that, from the time he started his career in the 1960s, the media has been relentlessly obsessed with the particular firearm, or group of firearms, used by criminals of the era, or that were used […]

Super Range!

22 Feb 17 Super Ranges: The trend in indoor ranges today is the “Super Range” Three I’m familiar with are: Nuxus Range, Davie, FL The Range, Austin, TX Liberty Firearms Institute (LFI), Loveland, CO There are doubtless more that I haven’t yet visited, and I apologize in advance for not mentioning them by name. These […]


21 Feb 17 On India, from a friend there: “Some of the most gentle, kind, generous people I’ve ever met live in India. But even at their best, the country is still barely developed. Appalling poverty everywhere. Trash, and raw sewage are rampant. I don’t recommend going there. As in China, air quality is very […]

Controlled-Expansion vs Hardball

19 Feb 17 Modern small-arms ammunition for our military? With regard to my last Quip, a friend asks: “Does not the ‘Geneva Convention’ restrict our military to hardball pistol ammunition? If so, isn’t 9mm 124 gr. FMJ, whether launched from a Beretta 92F, G19, or Sig320, confined to the same abysmal terminal performance from which […]

USMC Pistols

18 Feb 17 On pistols for the USMC, from a friend in a position to know: “Most of the USMC has been using the 9mm M9 Pistol (Beretta 92F) for the last several decades, but Force Reconnaissance companies and some other special units, who have sufficient political autonomy to be able to get specific equipment, […]

Slavery Anyone?

17 Feb 17 “I choose not to be a ‘common’ man. It is my right to be ‘uncommon.’ I seek opportunity, not ‘security.’ I do not wish to be a ‘kept citizen,’ humbled and dulled by having the state ‘look after’ me. I want to take the calculated risk; to dream and to build; to […]

Last Day!

15 Feb 17 Gunsite Conference, Last Day: Today, we all shot Robar PolymAR rifles! Freddie Blish put us through some rigorous drills, so we ran the rifles , and ourselves, hard. Our rifles held-up just fine! All were equipped with Aimpoint H1s and H2s. The Robar PolymAR AR is amazingly light. Both upper and lower […]

Gunsite Conferenct, 2nd Day!

14 Feb 17 Gunsite Writers’ Conference, 2nd Day: Today, we learned about coatings and metal treatments. Then, we went to the range and shot 1911s all afternoon. It felt good to be carrying a 1911 again, even though, when I left the range, I was carrying my Walther PPQ! Observations: All metal treatments, even high-tech […]

Gunsite Conference

13 Feb 17 Writers’ Conference, Gunsite: Vicki and I are here at Gunsite this week for a Writer’s Conference, hosted by Robar: Some things I learned: Fifty percent of Glock owners who send their pistols to Robar for coatings and other work ask that the front of the trigger-guard be rounded off. Ninety percent of […]

More on China

10 Feb 17 “… and the devil will drag you under, by the sharp lapel on your checkered coat” From “Sit Down, You’re Rockin’ the Boat” from the Broadway musical “Guys and Dolls.” The 1955 movie version starred Marlon Brando and Jean Simmons. More on China, from a friend who just returned: “China was once […]

DJT visit to the UK

9 May 17 British Prime Minister, Theresa May, graciously extended to DJT during her recent visit here, a kind invitation to visit the UK. Such an official visit by a US president presumptively includes a invitation to speak before the British Parliament. However, liberal Speaker of the British Parliament, John Bercow, objects to the US […]

Guns in the UK

8 Feb 17 On guns in the UK, from a friend there: “Precious few here, even within our military, know anything about gun-handling, keeping, carrying, nor the art of shooting. Our national “gun culture” is dead, by design! However, illegal, smuggled guns abound here. Our own government describes our domestic illegal gun trade as “out […]

Western Europe

7 Feb 17 Comments on Western Europe, from a friend there: You asked me how is Western Europe reacting to DJT’s Administration so far: What is hardest for us to believe is that DJT is faithfully executing promises he made during his campaign. Unheard of among modern politicians! Your election has bolstered populist parties here […]

(no subject)

7 Feb 17 Guns on “The Street” This from a friend who inventories evidence with a midwest PD: “Today, I was doing evidence-room inventory. With regard to guns, 22 rimfire pistols are seized from arrestees far more than any other gun. Handguns and rifles, it doesn’t matter. 22 rimfire tops the list! Conditions range from […]

The “New Normal!”

3 Feb 17 Another “New Normal” Day in France! Never a dull day in Gay Parie! Yesterday, yet another “AA-shouting” Islamic makes his murderous move against Western civilization. This time, he was decisively stopped via a burst of righteous gunfire from an alert and gallant French soldier, before he could do much damage. Oh, that […]


1 Feb 17 Marketing: What’s in a name? Put another way: What image appears in the minds of your customers at the mention of your name? As a marketing amateur, it strikes me that reputations are invariably tied to product and company names, and at least in the gun business, confusion is the rule, rather […]