3 Feb 17

Another “New Normal” Day in France!

Never a dull day in Gay Parie!

Yesterday, yet another “AA-shouting” Islamic makes his murderous move against Western civilization. This time, he was decisively stopped via a burst of righteous gunfire from an alert and gallant French soldier, before he could do much damage.

Oh, that all terrorist attacks ended that way!

This “New Normal” is alive and well here too, as modern day Saracens of Saladin, with scant interference, plot their next opportunity to murder us infidels.

“Soft targets” are everywhere, so Operators need to be continuously alert, armed, and ready!

Many, probably most, Americans are still willfully clueless/defenseless and couldn’t be bothered with confronting reality, much less with arming themselves and subjecting themselves to genuine training. Yet, they will stand in line for forty-eight hours to see Lady Gaga perform! Little can be done to help them, because most are too arrogant to repent. They have priorities reversed and for their naive foolishness, many will pay with their lives!

This now represents the future of Western civilization.

Operators must thus be prepared, mentally and physically, to stand alone against armed Islamic jihadis, at least until police arrive.

Deal with it!

Deal with it, or be slaughtered!

“God is not on the side of big battalions. He sides with capable marksmen!”