27 Feb 17

“Hypocrisy is the essence of snobbery”

Alexander Theroux

A good friend and criminal investigator has pointed out that, from the time he started his career in the 1960s, the media has been relentlessly obsessed with the particular firearm, or group of firearms, used by criminals of the era, or that were used by the perpetrator of a particular violent crime.

Of course, it was always that particular gun that the media subsequently wanted banned, as if banning that particular weapon would cause criminal violence to cease.

In the 1960s, it was the “Saturday-night special,” a non-specific term usually used to refer to a 38Spl snubby revolver. Hyper-ventilating reporters repeatedly referred to them as “the preferred weapon of criminals” (as preposterous as saying, “Fords, the preferred car of drunk drivers”), and they neglected to acknowledge that sunbby revolvers were pretty popular with police of the period then too. Still are with many of us!

Rifles? “Not the problem,” according to the media- back then.

I remember reading an editorial in Time Magazine in the 1970s, entitled “It’s Time to Ban Handguns.”

In the 1980s and 1990s, it was the “Tech-9″ Only criminals would want one, we were told, again by panting media flunkies, who wouldn’t know a gun from a waffle-iron.

With the turn of the Century, high-capacity 9mm pistols suddenly stole center-stage, the “wonder-nines,” as they were called then. The media immediately wanted them all banned, even as they became pretty standard at police departments.

Now, it is ill-defined “assault rifles” that the media wants banned, for all the same reasons! Rifles suddenly are the problem, we’re assured, all the same ones that were around when we were assured, by the same people, that they weren’t the problem! Today, solemnly declaring autoloading rifles the “preferred weapon of terrorists,” the media (effectively the propaganda-arm of the DNC) oh-so predictably wants them all banned!

The media doesn’t seem to care much about “Saturday-night specials” any more, do they?

Leftists in the media, who are the media, can’t repent, can never admit they’re wrong, can never confront their own hypocrisy. Their vainglorious personal conceit will not permit it. Their character is flawed. They are not good people. Never have been!

“Hypocrisy may deceive the cleverest man, but a child recognizes it instantly, and is invariably revolted by it, however ingeniously it may be disguised”

Leo Tolstoy