15 Feb 17

Gunsite Conference, Last Day:

Today, we all shot Robar PolymAR rifles!

Freddie Blish put us through some rigorous drills, so we ran the rifles , and ourselves, hard. Our rifles held-up just fine! All were equipped with Aimpoint H1s and H2s.

The Robar PolymAR AR is amazingly light. Both upper and lower are polymer, and it is a proprietary formulation, with a melting point of over 700 Degrees! There are other rifles out there with a polymer lower, but few with a polymer upper also.

Freddie likes AR magazines by Magpul (P-Mags), ARC (Tango Down), and Lancer. Those are the ones we used, and all ran with no issues.

We shot from ranges of 3m to 200m. We zeroed at 46m (50yards), both optic and BUIS.

The real benefit of a Writers’ Conference like this one is that I get to be a student, and learn at the feet of giants of our Art, like Jeff Gonzales and Freddie Blish, all at the wonderful Gunsite facility in AZ. I get to fumble, become confused, pitch shots, receive correction, and then do it all over! As always, I picked up many new (at least to me) techniques and methods from my instructors and colleagues that I intend to steal!

Robar is an industry icon, and I can recommend them and their work without reservation. They work on my guns!

Under suburb management of friend and colleague, Buz Mills, Gunsite continues as the epicenter of our Art, and I’m always thrilled to be there!

Superior products and methods are available to all with the wisdom to seek them out.

The sage, at least, do!