7 Feb 17

Comments on Western Europe, from a friend there:

You asked me how is Western Europe reacting to DJT’s Administration so far:

What is hardest for us to believe is that DJT is faithfully executing promises he made during his campaign. Unheard of among modern politicians!

Your election has bolstered populist parties here in Europe:

Le Pen in France
Geert Wilders in the Netherlands
UKIP party in the UK.

French elections will be held the end of April. When MLP wins, it will be the domino that will push all the others.

Europeans are fed-up with the EU! They see DJT’s election as a sign of things starting to go their way. UK, France, Netherlands, Poland (which is heavily catholic and very weary of uncontrolled Islamic immigration), Hungary, Czech Republic, Italy, Greece are all seeing nationalistic parties growing by the day.

Citizens of Europe have not seen all-out war in decades. The EU and its sleazy politicians have castrated (disarmed) our people. As things now go south, pathetic sheep naively expect the nanny-state to protect them. They are fools- but not all of us!

Is this the beginning of a new era? An era where people will finally stand up against lying, leftist politicians (as they have in the USA) and resultant, violent Islamisation.”

Comment: Some exciting world history is coming our way! Leftists here have tried to castrate us too, and they have had some success in CA, NY, NJ, MA. Some have voluntarily castrated themselves!

But, they’ve failed to deceive/castrate everyone, as we see!