8 Feb 17

On guns in the UK, from a friend there:

“Precious few here, even within our military, know anything about gun-handling, keeping, carrying, nor the art of shooting. Our national “gun culture” is dead, by design!

However, illegal, smuggled guns abound here. Our own government describes our domestic illegal gun trade as “out of hand!” Guns are generally available, via unlawful sources, to violent criminals and terrorists, who have no regard for the law.

Everyone else is virtually banned, by law, from owning guns. Carrying guns or blades is particularly banned, even for most police.

Our lawmakers, like yours, have it back to front! They ban deadly weapons from being sold or possessed legally by well-intentioned practitioners, but by their own admission, they cannot control our flourishing illegal weapons trade!”

Comment: Leftists are all alike! Here and there, they are essentially saying this:

“We expect, indeed demand, that you willingly submit yourselves to slaughter, at the hands of violent criminals and terrorists. No effective resistance on your part will be permitted, nor tolerated.

We consider ‘being a willing victim’ to be your sacred civic duty.

We politicians, of course, deserve protection, and piously claim it. Conversely, you are utterly expandible, and exist only to serve us.

To think otherwise is treason!”

The foregoing fundamentally offends me! But, it apparently does not offend most professing liberals, particularly “millennials.”