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Never Give an Inch!

31 Jan 17 “Never Give an Inch” Theme from the 1970 feature film, “Sometimes a Great Notion,” staring Paul Newman, Henry Fonda, and Lee Remick Comments on our political situation, from friends in the UK: “While I support the right of elitist air-heads from your entertainment industry to hold, and express their views, I notice […]

Colorado Law!

30 Jan 17 Colorado’s ill-fated “magazine ban” In 2013, the BHO Administration put pressure on Colorado’s sissified governor and legislature to impose a state-wide ban on the sale of “high-capacity” (actually “normal-capacity”) pistol and rifle magazines. Caring much more about political careers than they ever will about citizens they supposedly represent, Democrats caved-into the pressure, […]


29 Jan 17 Update from China and India, from friends traveling there: “Beijing, China: Air quality is ecumenically wretched! I felt as if I’d smoked a carton of cigarettes after only a day there. People are cold, unwelcoming, unhelpful. Flying out of Beijing in daylight, I couldn’t believe the universal poor condition of the air. […]

A Bad Person!

23 Jan 17 “The world’s gone mad today And good’s bad today, And black’s white today, And day’s night today…” From “Anything Goes,” from the 1934 musical by the same title, written by Cole Porter A Bad person? For one, I’m weary of being told by Democrats, and a few professing “Republicans,” that I am […]


21 Jan 17 Army Version of the SIG320: Friends as SIG tell me these additional details about the pistol that will ultimately be delivered to the Army: Our military’s version of SIG’s 320 pistol will have a manual safety lever. Of course, most troopers will never be allowed to even have a magazine inserted into […]

2017 SHOT Show, Last Day:

20 Jan 17 2017 SHOT Show, Last Day: At this, the last day of the 2017 SHOT Show, nearly everything stopped during the swearing-in ceremony in Washington DC. There were TV monitors everywhere. A spontaneous cheer broke-out at the conclusion, and cheering continued throughout DJT’s acceptance speech. It was as if a great plague had […]

2017 SHOT Show, Third Day

19 Jan 17 2107 SHOT Show, Third Day: I spent all morning at our annual meeting of the Board of Advisors of ACLDN (Armed Citizens’ Legal Defense Network). Our Network is rapidly growing in size and influence, and still represents your best bet for legal and financial shielding, as a legal American gun-owner/carrier. Other Board […]

2017 SHOT Show, 2nd Day

18 Jan 17 2017 SHOT Show, Second Day: I saw Dick Davis of Armor Express today! Dick, inventor of soft body armor and supposedly “retired,” still mans the AE booth. Dick and I go back a long way. He is a real hero! Dick is reviving the Bowling Pin Shoot, where we all had such […]

2017 SHOT Show, 1st Day:

17 Jan 17 2017 SHOT Show, 1st Day: Two more major companies have now produced Glock-like pistols, both of which I got my hands on today: Century Arms CANIK (TP9) Pistol, and the CZ P10C Pistol. Both are striker-fired, polymer-framed, double-column, 9mm service pistols, with VGG (variable grip geometry), tabbed trigger, and no manual safety. […]

2017 SHOT Show, Range Day

16 Jan 17 2107 SHOT Show, Range Day We’re here in Las Vegas, NV for the 2017 SHOT Show, all this week. Today was Range/Media Day at an outdoor range in Henderson , NV, where we had the opportunity to shoot all the new guns that were of interest. Here is what caught my interest: […]

Threats of Violence

11 Jan 17 “People with unusually thin skins ascribe small insults, humiliations, and setbacks consequent upon human existence to vast and malign political forces; and, projecting their own suffering onto the whole of mankind, conceive of schemes, usually involving violence, to remedy the situation that has so wounded them.” Marshall Locke Cedric Richmond (D/LA), chairman […]

Advice to our Incoming President:

8 Jan 17 “The ‘mentally ill’ will always be with us. Some are dangerous. Some even get elected to political office. They’s why we have guns!” Anon Conscientious, honorable, principled, moral, self-regulating American gun-owners have ever been unfairly and venomously maligned by leftists, since the days flintlocks. The “anti-gun” political agenda, consistently promoted by Democrats, […]

FL Airport Terrorism

7 Jan 17 Incident in FL: Debbie W Schultz (D/FL) said (actually shrieked) during a TV interview today that commercial air-travelers on domestic flights should not be permitted to transport guns and ammunition in checked baggage, as they are now on most airlines. The liberal media stooge doing the interview dutifully nodded in agreement, mumbling […]

European Update

5 Jan 17 “The Sword of Justice has no scabbard” Joseph De Maistre This update, from a friend and student living in Western Europe: “A year ago, our ‘European Commission’ introduced yet another anti-gun bill, following Islamic terrorist attacks in Paris and Brussels. The bill was very bad! They wanted to ban all rifles that […]

Endless War!

2 Jan 17 “Everyone’s a ‘pacifist,’ between wars. Kind of like declaring yourself a ‘vegetarian’ … between meals.” Colman McCarthy The most notorious of the New Year’s Eve attacks this season was at the fashionable Reina Nightclub in Istanbul. There was another, lesser attack in Brazil (eleven deaths reported there), but that one was carried […]