30 Jan 17

Colorado’s ill-fated “magazine ban”

In 2013, the BHO Administration put pressure on Colorado’s sissified governor and legislature to impose a state-wide ban on the sale of “high-capacity” (actually “normal-capacity”) pistol and rifle magazines.

Caring much more about political careers than they ever will about citizens they supposedly represent, Democrats caved-into the pressure, as they always do, and our dishonorable Democrat governor signed the law. He admitted the law was “stupid” a short time later, apparently looking for forgiveness!

Like most poorly-thought-out and sloppily-written, anti-gun legislation, the law was carelessly thrown-together, by people who’ve never even owned a gun. The status of existing magazines is never clearly defined, and since magazines are not serial-numbered, it is mostly impossible to prove when they were manufactured, or sold. This law, as anyone with two brain-cells to rub together could have seen, is unenforceable!

Questions from LEOs with regard to how the law is intended to be enforced were greeted with empty looks from the very politicians who voted for it, but (as is usually the case), never actually read it.

The result has been predictable:

To date, there has not been a single arrest in the entire State, much less prosecution, in any case based on this law!

Currently, ostensibly “banned” pistol and rifle magazines are openly offered for sale on display racks at gun retailers throughout the state. The “law” is thus being blatantly and contemptuously ignored, by consumers, law-enforcement, and retailers alike!

“The law” has become an embarrassing joke! It will likely be repealed this year.

Here is the real harm:

When leftist politicians view laws as a method, not to benefit citizens, but as a way of punishing, harassing, and demeaning opponents, they desecrate their oath of office, strip respect from our entire body of law, and lead our civilization, by a short route, to chaos!