20 Jan 17

2017 SHOT Show, Last Day:

At this, the last day of the 2017 SHOT Show, nearly everything stopped during the swearing-in ceremony in Washington DC. There were TV monitors everywhere. A spontaneous cheer broke-out at the conclusion, and cheering continued throughout DJT’s acceptance speech. It was as if a great plague had been lifted from our Nation. Actually, that description is pretty close!

I notice there was destructive rioting in DC and other metro areas, by leftists of course, acting like the spoiled brats they are. When BHO won in 2008 and 2016, I didn’t like the results either, but I didn’t react by destroying property and hurting people. That is because we consider ourselves good people, far from perfect of course, but at least striving to be good and decent citizens. Leftists aren’t, and don’t!

A South African ex-patriot, now living in the UK and also watching, commented:

“While watching, I cried bitterly for my lost country…

Best wishes Marine, my comrade and brother!”

Today, saw the “Coyote Light.” It’s a powerful red spotlight, used to hunt predators, particularly coyotes. Red light does not “spook” the animals. It’s almost invisible to them!

A company called “Timber Creek Outdoors” makes grips and forends of aluminum, but both are skeletonized, to reduce weight. An even more revolutionary AR forend is made by “Brigand Arms” from woven (braided) carbon fibers. It is very strong, with plenty of places for heat to escape.

Primary Arms, makers of an Aimpoint H1 knock-off, also makes a wide variety of other rifle optics, which I didn’t know. I have one of my ARs equipped with a Primary Arms RDO, and it has always run well. At under $200.00, it is very attractive!

Overall comments:

The first day of the SHOT Show, I noticed crowds were down from last year, but the second and third days, it was very crowded. I was told that a number of late vendor registrations had to be turned town, for lack of space, much as was the case last year. When you want to come, get your credentials in advance. Otherwise, you’ll stand in long lines most of the first day!

Mood was upbeat, particularly after this morning’s Inauguration Ceremony!

Many claiming to make ARs, more than I could count! Again, the money is in high-end guns!

More AR accessories than I could count! One, called the “Trigger Point” incorporated a laser switch in the rifle’s trigger! For one, I think the purpose of triggers should be confined to causing the gun to fire, but maybe I’m just old-fashioned!

Many ammunition manufacturers, knife-makers, range equipment makers, and loading/reloading equipment manufacturers.

The SHOT Show is a coming-out party. Vendors are here to write orders for the coming year. They want to talk with distributors and big retailers. But, everyone is polite, and most even talk with lowly trainers, like me.

We’re used to the Sands Exposition Center now. We know where restrooms are, and most vendors end-up pretty close to the place they were last year!

When you come to the SHOT Show, be prepared to walk! By the end of the day, your feet and legs will feel it!

This year’s SHOT Show was a great success, for most attendees, and for me personally. I get to see all my old friends!

Now, I’m going to find a poker game!