11 Jan 17

“People with unusually thin skins ascribe small insults, humiliations, and setbacks consequent upon human existence to vast and malign political forces; and, projecting their own suffering onto the whole of mankind, conceive of schemes, usually involving violence, to remedy the situation that has so wounded them.”

Marshall Locke

Cedric Richmond (D/LA), chairman of the Congressional Black Caucus, threatened Republicans yesterday with, “We may just have to kick somebody’s ass…”

The threat of violence was prompted by the removal of a controversial painting on display at the Capital. It depicts uniformed police officers as pigs, and was created by a high-school student. The ultimate fate of the painting is currently in limbo.

The painting is, of course, a vile insult to all American police officers, and many think it has no place in our Nation’s capital. We’ve all seen the results of the deliberate “de-policing” of metro areas, like Chicago!

Even so, Congressional Democrats, particularly black ones, may apparently articulate such violent threats with casual impunity, on those rare occasions when they don’t get their way.

Curiously, that privilege is never extended to anyone else!

“Who oppose tyranny through terrorism object not so much to ‘tyranny,’ as such, but to the fact that it is not they who are exercising it.”

Again, Marshall Locke