2 Jan 17

“Everyone’s a ‘pacifist,’ between wars. Kind of like declaring yourself a ‘vegetarian’

… between meals.”

Colman McCarthy

The most notorious of the New Year’s Eve attacks this season was at the fashionable Reina Nightclub in Istanbul. There was another, lesser attack in Brazil (eleven deaths reported there), but that one was carried out by a disgruntled ex-husband with a 9mm pistol. The shooter committed suicide at the scene.

The Istanbul attack was carried out by a lone ISIS Operative, armed with a Kalashnikov rifle, and resulted in at least thirty-nine dead. Twice that number wounded. The shooter escaped and is still at large.

Witnesses report that the Istanbul attacker, once inside the club, fired at party-goers, at close range, more-or-less continually for twenty minutes.

The Reina Club is an upscale hangout, frequented by well-to-do residents and foreigners alike, all the people ISIS hates. As one might expect, security was heavy, at the club and throughout the city, on New Year’s eve. Any yet, this Islamic terrorist, yelling “Allahu Akbar” the entire time, was able to breach several parameters, enter the main area of the club (while carrying a rifle) perpetrate this murderous attack, and then escape.

No major New Year’s Eve incidents within CONUS this time, but we all need to take note:

>The MO for the Reina Club mass murder is easy to put-together, and easily exportable. Kalashnikovs (legal and illegal) are everywhere, in every corner of the world. Like hijackable trucks, one needn’t look very far to find one. And, shooting dense concentrations of hapless victims at a range of several meters or less requires no particular marksmanship skills!

>We can expect future ISIS targets to include upscale clubs, restaurants, parties, gatherings of any kind, as well as congregations of Jews and/or Christians at churches, synagogues, weddings, funerals, bar mitzvahs, etc. Political events, particularly those associated with a conservative political agenda, should also be attended only with great caution.

>When a murderous attack starts, the murderer(s) must be identified and effectively engaged with precision gunfire, without delay. This requires the presence and participation of alert, armed, and highly skilled, LEOs and armed citizens.

There are no “non-combatants” in this War! Everyone is a potential casualty. ISIS hates the entirety of Western Civilization, and we are all thus slated for extermination, and they will never relent!

Accordingly, this War will probably never be resolved, certainly not within our lifetimes. We are all combatants for the duration, whether we “volunteer” or not!

Let’s be effective ones!

Alert, Armed, Skilled, Determined. There is no other way!