19 Jan 17

2107 SHOT Show, Third Day:

I spent all morning at our annual meeting of the Board of Advisors of ACLDN (Armed Citizens’ Legal Defense Network). Our Network is rapidly growing in size and influence, and still represents your best bet for legal and financial shielding, as a legal American gun-owner/carrier.

Other Board Members include Manny Kapelsohn, Mas Ayoob, Jim Fleming, Tom Givens, Denny Tueller, Marty Hayes

The excellent educational material provided with your membership is worth the price by itself! With membership now over 12k, in 2106 we had no incidents requiring the intervention of the Network!

I conducted several recorded interviews on the SHOT Show floor this afternoon, with my friends and colleagues, James Yeager, Pete Pi (CEO of Cor-Bon), Justin Moon (CEO of Kahr), and Jared Wihongi, knife designer and trainer for Browning. Much good current information, and all will be made available shortly in our Operator Series videos.

Browning Black Label knives (designed by Wihongi) are available at WWW.FULLKITTACTICAL.COM.

I talked with friends at Blackhawk. Contrary to what I reported yesterday, Blackhawk’s wonderful series of discrete rifle bags, called “Diversion Bags,” has been discontinued. I encouraged them to bring them back! In the interim, “Sneaky Bags” (mentioned yesterday) will suffice and make an acceptable alternative.

I talked with friends at First Light. Flagship product continues to be the 700 lumen T-Max LE. Customer service at Firstlight is second to none! The T-Max LE is also available at our Pro Shop.

This afternoon, we received the news that the US Army has officially adopted the SIG320 Pistol to replace its ageing (and never popular) fleet of Beretta 92s. Friends at SIG are delirious! They tell me that SIG’s clever modularity was the major selling point. It’s a good choice, and will serve the Army well!

Our Presidential Inauguration is at 9:00am (local time) tomorrow morning. We’ve already seen several rag-tag protestors locally. Everyone here is on-edge, concerned about dangerous rioting.

Interesting that only leftists think they have the right to riot!

More tomorrow!