31 Jan 17

“Never Give an Inch”

Theme from the 1970 feature film, “Sometimes a Great Notion,” staring Paul Newman, Henry Fonda, and Lee Remick

Comments on our political situation, from friends in the UK:

“While I support the right of elitist air-heads from your entertainment industry to hold, and express their views, I notice that while they assumptively presume to unconditionally welcome hoards of Islamic immigrants/refugees, including many military-age males, into our Country, and yours, and into our homes and communities, they surely don’t welcome any of them into their own homes, do they?

From their sterile, fortified Beverly Hills mansions, surrounded by armies of heavily-armed security guards (equipped with the very weapons they would deny to the rest of us), they piously, condescendingly pontificate to us regular citizens down here in peon-ville, about how mean we all are.

I call them, and all liberals, ‘hypocrites.’ Over there, you call them ‘liberals.’ Over here, we call them, because they proudly call themselves, ‘Communists!’

Over here, our Labour (Communist) Party is actively courting Islamic votes. They are staging violent demonstrations in which people are hurt and property is destroyed, much as is the case over there.

But, never forget that you have lots of support here, and in all of Western Europe. DJT should persist in continuing to break-down entrenched leftist mechanisms BHO put in place. He, and all of us, need to hold fast and not give an inch to vocal, violent international leftist intimidation.”


Over here, Democrats are united in pointlessly delaying President Trump in putting together his Administration. Like the spoiled brats they are, they know they can’t stop anything, but they insist we all patiently listen to them snivel, whine, and palter, ad nauseam.

The good news is that DJT has consistently made monkeys of these liberal clowns, from the beginning. Unlike other Republican presidents, he is no pushover, and liberals have invariably underestimated him, at every turn. Given their unreasoning, universal vanity, I suspect that will continue.