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“Universal” Background Checks

28 Dec 16 Bungling, anti-gun leftists/Marxists not popular in NV! An enlargement of gun background checks that was narrowly passed by NV voters last month is now DRT! “Private-party gun transfers,” even when temporary, were to be subject to federal background checks through NICS. However, the FBI said they would not conduct checks required by […]

“Poverty Porn”

26 Dec 16 Pious Profanity! Particularly with CNN and Fox News, I grow weary of endlessly watching “poverty pornography,” pumped over the wire by dubious organizations, sanctimoniously representing themselves as “charities.” We are treated to interminable disturbing/offensive photos of starving people (including weeping children) shivering animals, all with ever-anguished faces, amid pleading solicitations for money. […]

… as long as I’m on the subject!

21 Dec 16 “Capitalism harnesses human self-interest. Socialism exhausts itself trying to kill it. Leftist politicians, who seize and dole-out other people’s assets, initially see themselves as humanitarians. Eventually, they conclude they are a superior class, and treat themselves accordingly. They make laws to which they are not subject. They vote themselves, and their stooges, […]


20 Dec 16 “At the core of liberalism is the spoiled child- miserable, as all spoiled children are, unsatisfied, demanding, ill-disciplined, despotic, and useless. Liberalism is the philosophy of sniveling brats!” PJ O’Rourke WJC says liberals lost the election because of angry, white men! Harry Reid declares it’s all the fault of FBI Director, James […]


19 Dec 16 Gun Accidents! A friend and student suffered an accidental, self-inflicted gunshot wound last year. It happened on a training range during a training session. I was not there. However, he later talked with me about it and reveled important details I am sharing now. The incident involved a 1911 pistol. The single […]


14 Dec 16 Overheated Rifles! Heat build-up is inherent to all auto-loading military rifles with large-capacity, detachable magazines. And heat, when sufficiently intense, will eventfully cause the rifle to break-down and become unusable. For most non-military owners of these rifles, the foregoing is a moot point, as when used under “normal” circumstances, even most “acute” […]

It’s a Trap!

9 Dec 16 Trap set by NY’s infamous “Safe Act” rebuked by State Court: A NY resident, duly licenced by the State to own and carry a pistol, had her state-issued permit arbitrarily suspended because of a short visit to a hospital. She was feeling anxious after starting a prescription cold medicine. When she went […]

Hexmag website

7 Dec 2016 We’ve updated the original quip, but in case you missed it, here’s the link to Hexmag’s website: Recommended! /John


7 Dec 16 Modern Marketing! In the advertising industry today, “marketing” is synonymous with “fraud.” “Puffing” is one thing, but denizens of the industry, like most in the media, have converted deceit into an art form! They’ve invented a new language. Like all new languages, it sometimes requires translation into plain English: Examples: “Free gift” […]


6 Dec 16 Hexmags A company called Hexmag is manufacturing 30-round, plastic AR magazines, and they are priced attractively. They’re selling them by the pallet-load! I’m currently running several copies, and all have worked perfectly thus far. A Hexmag feature I like is that you can easily and quickly change the color of the button […]


1 Dec 16 True and Accurate? Years ago, when he was still alive, Jeff Cooper used this example to emphasize the importance of both truth and accuracy: You might say: “The only purpose for a scalpel is to cut people open.” Technically “true,” but not accurate. Who phrase issues this way are attempting to conceal […]