20 Dec 16

“At the core of liberalism is the spoiled child- miserable, as all spoiled children are, unsatisfied, demanding, ill-disciplined, despotic, and useless. Liberalism is the philosophy of sniveling brats!”

PJ O’Rourke

WJC says liberals lost the election because of angry, white men!

Harry Reid declares it’s all the fault of FBI Director, James Comey!

HRC and BHO are both convinced it’s all the fault of Vlad P and the Russians!

The pattern is clear:

Liberals are ever too smug to accept personal responsibility for their own failures. They at all times angrily/arrogantly direct blame at everyone else. That is why they can never repent, because every act of conscious learning requires a willingness to suffer injury to one’s self-esteem. Utterly impossible for liberals!

Even now, a delusional BHO is sanctimoniously declaring, to anyone who will listen (precious few are!), that his bungling Administration was actually perfect, that the USA is “respected” and “stronger than ever,” when nothing could be further from the truth. He goes down as the worst US president in history, worse even than JEC!

While liberals vainly wallow in a muddy lake of deceitful self-righteousness, ever-refusing to accept reality, the Trump Administration is taking shape, and what wonderfully solid people are joining-in!

As most of the rest of the world crumbles into chaos, things are looking up here!

For now, our rights are safe (except in CA)!

Liberal “theology” (into which no inquiry is ever permitted) insists upon unquestioning obedience from its dupes. The “party-line” is pious imbecility, against which waves of logic beat in-vain…

until now!