21 Dec 16

“Capitalism harnesses human self-interest. Socialism exhausts itself trying to kill it. Leftist politicians, who seize and dole-out other people’s assets, initially see themselves as humanitarians. Eventually, they conclude they are a superior class, and treat themselves accordingly. They make laws to which they are not subject. They vote themselves, and their stooges, exclusive privileges and benefits. They no longer ‘serve.’ They rule!”


My last Quip on the subject of liberalism generated comments, as you might imagine. A particularly sage one follows:

“In their chosen work, many Americans face serious, direct consequences for their actions, on a daily basis. A design engineer who contrives an airplane wing, for example. When he makes an error, innocent people will die, and he will be a permanent disgrace, both to his profession and to his family. Entrepreneurs, doctors, truck-drivers, farmers, and LEOs thus accept full, personal responsibility for their work, work with real consequences.

The majority are politically conservative.

Conversely, self-declared ‘intellectuals’ are people whose only product is ‘ideas,’ and they are judged by whether those ideas ‘sound good,’ but only to other professing intellectuals. The only serious consequence for these academics comes from not publishing enough to get tenure.

For media types, ‘poor entertainment value,’ and thus poor ratings, are the only things that generate genuine dread.

Bureaucratic ‘policy-makers’ also routinely escape consequences of their work. Damage that follows bad policy comes years later, and responsibly is always hopelessly defused. Few ever face meaningful, personal consequences.

Who morbidly fear personal responsibly gravitate toward these jobs. It is no wonder that education, government, and the media have been overwhelmed by liberals.

Serious learning makes one vulnerable. There is real discomfort in confronting truths that run counter to one’s existing beliefs. Who habitually, indeed instinctively, avoid these risks have a learning disability, and the most dishonest among them cover it up with condescension and arrogance.


For all the media whining about hacked DNC emails, not a single person has claimed they are not absolutely genuine. The DNC’s condescending contempt for Americans who work, repeatedly expressed, is shockingly sincere!

Had it been RNC emails, media charlatans would be hailing these very same hackers as ‘champions of truth and transparency.’”

Comment: Who is too vain to admit he is wrong, cannot repent of his mistake. Who cannot repent of his mistakes, cannot learn from them. Who cannot learn from their mistakes, are doomed to repeat them, forever!

“History repeats itself- first as tragedy, then as farce.”

Karl Marx