1 Dec 16

True and Accurate?

Years ago, when he was still alive, Jeff Cooper used this example to emphasize the importance of both truth and accuracy:

You might say:

“The only purpose for a scalpel is to cut people open.”

Technically “true,” but not accurate. Who phrase issues this way are attempting to conceal an agenda and are thus iniquitous and fundamentally dishonest.

Closer to home:

“The only purpose for a gun is to kill”

Once again, true, but inaccurate.

In the former example, and true AND accurate description is:

“Scalpels are used by surgeons to perform necessary surgery, in order to preserve/improve human life.

In the latter case:

“We use guns to apply deadly force when acutely necessary in order to resolve an emergency personal security crisis that cannot be acceptably resolved otherwise”

Like the surgeon, we use guns to preserve life. But, sometimes, in order to save a life, you must end a life. It represents an unhappy reality, but like all reality, must be faced honestly.

Who purposely mis-phrase issues in order to serve a hidden agenda are, as noted above, frauds and charlatans, and our media is full of them!

Honest people must never allow them to define terms, to complement their (invariably leftist) agenda.

Legitimate reporting is both true AND accurate.

I’d love to see some examples, at least now and then!

“It’s discouraging to think how many people are shocked by honesty, and how few by deceit.”

Noel Coward