28 Dec 16

Bungling, anti-gun leftists/Marxists not popular in NV!

An enlargement of gun background checks that was narrowly passed by NV voters last month is now DRT!

“Private-party gun transfers,” even when temporary, were to be subject to federal background checks through NICS.

However, the FBI said they would not conduct checks required by the Act, because no one has stepped forward to say who is going to pay for them!

NV’s AG then said, “… citizens may not be prosecuted for their inability to comply with this Act unless and until the FBI changes its public position and agrees to conduct background checks consistent with the Act. Without this central feature, the Background Check Act cannot commence.”

And, state law prevents language of the Act from being changed/amended for three years.


Anti-gun initiatives/legislation is consistently misrepresented by its leftist promoters, due to their across-the-board, fundamental dishonesty.

They are not respectable people!

Under provisions of “private-party gun transfer” legislation:

> Gun manufacturers cannot conduct Armorer’s Courses for local police departments, because officers would have to touch guns they did not personally own!

> A CCW Course Instructor cannot allow students to try various guns, even for a few moments.

> A gun retailer cannot allow customers to handle any guns that are for sale, prior to buying them. In some states where such laws have been passed, this is ignored by retailers, but at a whim, they could all be thrown in jail!

> While he is away, a citizen cannot store his guns at a relative’s home.

No surprise that seedy criminals who promote this corrupt legislation never mention any of the foregoing!

In NV at least, citizens’ right are safe, at least for now!

Like all good people, the next-to-the-last thing I ever want to do is to be compelled to defend my life, via gunfire, from violent criminals.

The absolute last thing I ever want to do is to discover that I am unable to effectively defend my life when attacked by violent criminals!

Smug, self-righteous politicians have their armed bodyguards (provided at taxpayer expense)

The rest of us have only ourselves.

Forget that at your peril!