6 Dec 16


A company called Hexmag is manufacturing 30-round, plastic AR magazines, and they are priced attractively. They’re selling them by the pallet-load!

I’m currently running several copies, and all have worked perfectly thus far.

A Hexmag feature I like is that you can easily and quickly change the color of the button on the bottom of the floor-plate. This helps me instantly distinguish magazines charged with 5.56mm from those charged with 300Blk. Keeping these two calibers separate is critically necessary, and an ongoing challenge as 300Blk continues to gain in popularity.

Of course, I still like P-mags, as I find the “gauge” on the side useful, and their “caps” particularly useful for commercial air travel.

Hexmag is an innovative/aggressive company, and I’m sure we’ll soon see them expand their line into 308 magazines, and pistol magazines too.

A company to watch! Go to hexmag.com