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2016 Democratic Party Platform

28 July 16 2016 Democratic Platform on Americans and our guns: You can ever count on Democrats: Always accurate, but never specific! “We will: 1) Expand and strengthen background checks and close dangerous loopholes in our current laws 2) Repeal the Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act to revoke the dangerous legal immunity protections […]

Frist Lady’s Speech

26 July 16 During the First Lady’s speech at the DNC Convention last night, the media fell all over themselves heaping complements upon her, as usual. But, here is the way I heard it: “I watched our girls, just seven and ten years old, pile into those black SUVs with all those big men with […]

So Many “Incidents!”

25 July 16 One “incident” per day now in Europe! From a friend in the UK: “In Munich, an eighteen-year-old Islamic punk, with an illegally-possessed Glock pistol, attacks innocent children at a local MacDonalds, murdering several, and bringing Munich to a standstill! As always, heavily-armed German Security Forces were ‘everywhere,’ but nowhere near the incident […]

A Pistol?

19 July 16 “With only a little practice, and some intelligent instruction, the pistol (at the time, the 1911 45ACP) can be mastered well enough to be an effective short-range weapon. But as a rule, the soldier does not get enough practice. Shooting in the Army is discouraged. Too much bother handling the range; use […]


15 July 16 Lessons: From recent terrorist incidents, several lessons emerge: 1. Don’t head for the restroom! Restrooms are dead ends. There is likely no exit from the restroom. You’ll be trapped there. When you don’t see another eligible exit, head for the kitchen. The kitchen always has a back door! 2. Have a rifle […]

It Didn’t Take Long…

14 July 16 Terrorism du jure! It didn’t take long! This time in Nice, France. Again, helpless and unarmed Frenchmen and women were crushed, gunned-down, and mutilated by yet another heavily-armed, suicidal terrorist, who was ultimately killed by police, but only after he murdered in excess of seventy innocents, and maimed many more! It happened […]


14 July 16 New Rifle! Today, I handled CZ’s new “BREN 805″ It’s a 5.56×45 military rifle, piston-driven, gas-adjustable. Takes AR magazines. One-piece, aluminum upper. Polymer lower. Hinges apart, much like an FAL and XCR. In fact, it’s very reminiscent of an RA/XCR! Comes with a very nice folding/extendible stock. Made in the Czech Republic, […]

Quick or Dead!

12 July 17 In the “Age of Terrorism…” Last weekend, I was in the northwest conducting an ARTA (Armed Response to a Terrorist Attack) Course. This is not a Course for entry-level students. Attendees were all veterans of other Courses and were all competent Operators. Exercises involved both rifle and pistol. This Program consists mostly […]

Glock Again!

11 July 16 FBI goes w/Glock! After much testing, debating, hand-wringing, and all the rest that invariably goes along with major government contracts, the FBI has settled on the Glock pistol for issue to Special Agents, once again. All this, after the SIG320, and some other competitors, looked so promising! Not many additional details so […]

Art of Instructing

11 July 16 The Art of Instructing: Among our Web Page complimentary videos, we just added a segment entitled “The Art of Instructing, Part 1” To view it, you can go to our Web Page at defense-training-com, then click “,” then go to the “free videos” section Or, you can go directly to it at: […]


5 July 16 Ammunition! Our unstable political climate, underscored by today’s utter capitulation by our “FBI” and its current “Director,” is prompting many to resume buying reserves of small-arms ammunition, particularly 7.62×51 (308) and 5.56×45 (223). Local retailers here in CO are already reporting short supplies. Inventories of brass-cased, domestically-manufactured rifle ammunition will be very […]

ID Message

4 July 16 Independence Day, 2016 “I could tell an American immediately, not by manner, walk, cloths, nor anything external, but by the peculiar expression of the eye! It is a look that seems to embrace the future, rather than the past. The American face has an open-eyed look of confident anticipation, formed out of […]

The Shot, the “Match” that started the Fire!

3 July 16 The Shot “Heard Around the World!” 19 Apr 1775 (Wed) at the Bridge at Lexington and Concord, MA By April of 1775, just over a year after the “Boston Tea Party,” the entire Massachusetts Colony (outside of Boston) was finally declared by the British Crown to be in an open “State of […]

World on Fire!

1 July 16 “When all you do is block attacks, you will eventually be hit. When you strike a killing blow, the fight is over!” Doc Gunn We are hearing about the latest “battle” (ie: slaughter) in the West’s 1400-year-old war with Islam . Today, it is in Bangladesh, and the target is: 1) Westerners […]